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Sexy Ransomware is a harmful malicious application. Unlike some other dangerous threats our malware researchers have encountered and analyzed during their career, it performs only one major activity on users’ computers – it encrypts their personal files after finding where they are located. A bunch of ransomware infections act the same, and it is no longer a secret whey cyber criminals program them to lock files on compromised machines. Yes, some threats might do this just for fun; however, there is no doubt that the majority of them are developed having the only purpose in mind – to obtain money from those unfortunate users who encounter them. Crooks know well that it is not easy to extract money from people, so they set the ransomware infection to lock only the most valuable files. Then, the ransom note asking money is dropped on users’ computers when files become encrypted. As for Sexy Ransomware, it encrypts files and drops a ransom note too, but it does not tell users the exact price of the decryption tool. Instead, they need to send an email with a personal ID and one encrypted file to cyber criminals to find out how much decryption software costs and get payment instructions. Specialists at say that users who become victims of Sexy Ransomware should find another way to decrypt their files because making a payment to crooks might not be an effective solution to the problem. Specifically speaking, they might keep the decryption tool to themselves after receiving users’ money, or they might not even bother sending it to them.

Research has shown that Sexy Ransomware is a new version of Globe Imposter 2.0 Ransomware; however, as it has turned out, it does not differ much from its predecessor. It also goes to encrypt users’ files once it infiltrates their computers. It does not lock any system files, but you will notice that it is no longer possible to access pictures, documents, videos, and other personal files soon after its entrance. All these files will be marked by the .SEXY extension, for example, picture.jpg will become picture.SEXY.  Also, you will find a new .html file (how_to_back_files.html) created in all affected directories. You can read it if you have time for this, but do not expect that it will tell you how you can decrypt your files for free. It will only tell you to write an email to or You will find out how much you need to pay to get special decryption software if you contact cyber criminals. Also, one file you send to them will be decrypted for free to show you that a decryption tool exists. We cannot promise that you could decrypt your files without it, but, sadly, there are no guarantees that you could unlock them when you send money to cyber criminals as well.

There is nothing new we can tell you about the distribution of Sexy Ransomware because it is spread like similar threats. For example, it might slither onto users’ computers and then start performing its malicious activities right away after users launch malicious attachments from spam emails. Also, if users’ RDP credentials are unsafe, it might also easily show up on their PCs illegally. Once the malicious file is launched, the ransomware infection creates a Value in HKU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce and then starts encrypting files on victims’ computers right away. Since there are so many ransomware infections out there and cyber criminals develop new crypto-threats every day, we highly recommend that you install security software on your computer to ensure your system’s maximum protection. You should do this when you delete Sexy Ransomware fully from the system because it might encrypt the antimalware tool too.

You need to remove Sexy Ransomware from your system no matter what you decide to do because it will stay active on your PC even if you send money to cyber crooks. To delete this infection completely, you need to delete the malicious file. Additionally, you must remove its entry from the system registry. If our manual removal guide does not help you much to erase this malicious application, you should use an automatic antimalware tool instead of trying to disable Sexy Ransomware in a manual way.

How to delete Sexy Ransomware manually

  1. Press Win+R.
  2. Type regedit.exe in the box.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Access HKU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce.
  5. Find the BrowserUpdateCheck Value.
  6. Delete it.
  7. Remove suspicious files you have downloaded recently on your computer.
  8. Empty Trash.
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Sexy Ransomware
Sexy Ransomware

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