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Servime.exe is a currency miner which gets on your computer unnoticed and consumes the computer's power to generate Monero coins. The Monero currency is among the most popular digital currencies, acquiring more and more interests from hackers and PC users alike. Everyone interested in mining coins can do so as long as no infringement on people's privacy is committed.  Servime.exe could be categorized as a Trojan horse because it is installed surreptitiously, without the user's permission. The malicious program should be removed from the computer, and the removal should be carried out immediately to prevent undesirable consequences.

Having a currency miner on the computer means having some PC performance-related issues. The processors of home computers are created for basic everyday operations. Currency mining is a complex process requiring a lot of CPU and GPU resources and electricity. With Servime.exe running on the computer, you are likely to notice that the computer is processing slower, which includes longer booting time, software crashes, unresponsiveness or hangs. You can check the percentage of the CPU power used, and, if you find questionable spikes in the graphical presentation in the Task Manager when no programs, including web browsers, are running, the increases in the CPU usage suggest that a piece of malware is running in the background. Fortunately, you can easily find the process of Servime.exe in the same Task Manager.

Not that long ago, hackers interested in mining coins with the help of the users of unsuspecting computer started to exploit the GPU power to successfully generate digital coins. If the power of the graphic card is used for mining, that can be easily noticed when playing a video game. Typical symptoms are sound stuttering, choppy game play, freezing, or even crashing.

In addition to the high spikes of the CPU, you are likely to notice that the hardware needs more cooling during the processing of Servime.exe. Overheating could lead to hardware failure and permanent damage, so, if you see that the ventilation fan is running at its maximum speed, you should take immediate action to remove Servime.exe. Nevertheless, overheating is possible due to some other causes, such as blocked airflow and dust, which should also be taken into consideration.

Servime.exe should be removed once spotted, and some additional measures should be taken to prevent malware infiltration. It has not yet been defined how Servime.exe is spread, but it is highly possible that the malicious miner is distributed alongside freeware or as a drive-by download. The latter instance refers to stealthy downloads that take place upon accessing a hacked or ill-purposed website.  There are many other ways of malware distribution, including email and system vulnerabilities, to mention just a few.

As for the illegal CPU usage, it is possible to employ your PC's resource through malicious Javascript injected into websites. This practice is called cryptojacking because the computer is being compromised for monetary gain while the visitor is browsing the website containing a malicious script. The mining program is loaded into the visitor's browser, and this is done without any prior notice. This type of currency mining is becoming more popular, and more and more Internet users are unwillingly and unknowingly victimized by thousands of websites. This type of activity is considered legal as long as it is approved by the user, which is known to be done by a handful of websites. However, the vast majority of in-browser currency mining is carried out without the user's consent.

Google's DoubleClick advertising service has recently been exploited to display advertisement containing mining code so that the viewer's CPU can be used to generate a profitable digital currency.  The malicious script was identified by anti-virus, thereby again raising awareness of the growing menace of cryptocurrency mining malwaware.

Due to the fact that some websites may be hacked or are purposely employed to generate coins by their developers, it is vital to take different preventive measures. For example, there are a few browser add-ons blocking currency mining. Moreover, it is possible to block websites mining coins by editing the hosts file, and, without a doubt, it is essential to keep anti-malware running at all times to be informed about potential online dangers.

Implement anti-malware right now and you will have Servime.exe removed  immediately, but if you want to do that yourself, find the file and delete it. Also stop its process in the Task Manager. The file could be located on the desktop or in the Downloads, Temp, and Windows folder. Having eliminated the miner, implement a reputable malware and spyware removal tool to keep the various threats at bay.

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