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SearchYa Toolbar is an unwanted application that looks like a broswer helper object, because after invading the computer, it creates a search box; however, the truth behind this cunning browser extension is that it is a cunning infection able to cause damage to a computer. The intrusive application can infect Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and other browsers, and this usually happens if a user downloads a compromised program or visits infected websites.

Visually, SearchYa Toolbar does not differ from other browser extensions or ad-ons. It has a search field and some additional buttons that are barely ever used. Moreover, the cunning application changes the home page into its original page These characteristics seem to be satisfactory as long as you do not try to do anything on the PC. If you try to launch a search, you will find how malicious this toolbar actually is. Your search results will be redirected to suspicious websites, which are likely to be containing some unwanted programs or malware, and you will be unable to browse properly unless you remove SearchYa Toolbar. Additionally, the extension may start displaying pop-up advertisements, which should be ignored as well as those annoying redirections.

If you have already found this toolbar in your Internet Explorer or any other browser, you have probably tried to delete it. Here, it is important to note that there are two types of this infection. One type has an additional uninstallation package, which is worthless, while the other type does not have one at all, which may make you think that it is impossible to get rid of the tool. In either case, manual removal may be too complicated, thought possible, but if you want to remove SearchYa Toolbar easily and have your computer protected, use a reliable spyware removal application.

Our recommendation is to use SpyHunter, because this tool is capable of dealing with various types of malware and protecting the system. Not only will the software remove the infection, but also it will readjust the settings of your browsers so that you can use them properly.

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