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If you notice such files as SearchNet.exe, ServeUp.exe, SrvNet32, and SNHpr.dll on your system, there is basically no doubt that your PC is infected by SearchNet, which is considered an adware program, Trojan, and even a redirect virus by different sources. Even though its classification is rather different, it is very clear that you should delete SearchNet from your system because this piece of software will not do anything beneficial. Even though this program was very active in 2006 and tended to affect Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, and Windows XP mainly, you should be still very careful because there is no guarantee that it will not start operating again.

As the specialists of have found out, SearchNet might modify the settings of the Internet Explorer. As a consequence, you will be redirected to and The latter domain does not seem to be unreliable nowadays. It offers computer users to search for restaurants, movies, theatres, and even doctors. However, it is very probable that it presented computer users with different kinds of advertisements and sponsored links back in 2006. As it is already known, all those ads and links might take you to unreliable websites where computer users might come across malicious software, which is why it is not surprising that SearchNet is associated with various infections.

It is not very easy to get rid of SearchNet from the system. One of the main reasons is because this infections uses kernel mode drivers in order to protect its files and registry keys. The main reason is, of course, to reduce the possibility of being removed. As the program is not very active nowadays, it does not seem that you will have to delete it from the system; however, it is still important to be very careful.

In order not to allow the programs similar to SearchNet enter your PC, you should definitely take care of the security of your system. Keep in mind that it is very important to find out whether the program is reliable prior the installation. What is more, never forget to keep your antimalware tool enabled. If you follow our advice, you will reduce the possibility to infect the system with malicious software.

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