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If you are careless, you might allow the installation of without even comprehending it. This search tool was created by Imali Media, and it is most likely to be introduced to you along with an add-on that might offer you interesting services. Whether it comes alone or bundled with other programs, we recommend removing it. You should be particularly keen on eliminating this search tool if it has taken over your browsers without your notice. Although it is unlikely that this browser hijacker can be installed silently, our malware research team warns that it is very easy to install it by accident, especially if it hides within a software bundle. Were you exposed to the hijacker by an add-on compatible with IE, Firefox, and Chrome browsers? If you were, you might have to erase this add-on to get rid of the hijacker itself. Of course, we recommend reading this report before you start deleting

According to our research, is identical to Both of these hijackers were created by Imali Media, and both of them appear to be in the development stages still. At this time, individual extensions are not linked to these hijackers, which means that their distribution is a little different than that of, and other infamous hijackers. In any case, it is very likely that this malware will be distributed packaged with other threats or unwanted programs. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you discover is scan your PC to check for malware. We would not be surprised if the scanner warned you about malicious adware, potentially unwanted programs, and intrusive tracking cookies. If extremely malicious threats are not detected, you can focus on the hijacker. Of course, we encourage you to erase every single component identified as a threat because even the most insignificant-looking components might turn out to be very dangerous.

If you are not sure why you need to remove from your browsers, let us tell you that this search tool is misleading. It redirects to (Yahoo Search) when you enter keywords into the provided search dialog box, which means that it does not work as a search tool either. Obviously, that makes this tool very misleading and deceptive. Unfortunately, unsuspecting users keep using this tool because it seems to represent the search results of Yahoo Search, a very popular and trusted search provider. What these users do not realize is that these results might include sponsored links as well, and they might represent unreliable sites. If you land on them, make sure you do not get scammed. Do not disclose personal information and do not download unfamiliar software, no matter how attractive it might be. In fact, even clicking on these links could be dangerous as tracking cookies could be installed and deceptive scams or unreliable downloads could pop up.

Our research team does not classify as a reliable or helpful program. Instead, we classify it is a potentially unreliable browser hijacker that deserves removal. Do not worry if you have no idea how to remove because this is the reason we have created the guide below. This manual removal guide shows how to change unwanted homepage and default search provider tools. Note that you might be able to eliminate the hijacker by deleting the add-on associated with it. At the moment, this add-on does not exist, and we want to show you how to modify search tools manually. Of course, after you are done, you should implement security software to keep your operating system free from malware at all times. Alternatively, you can skip all these steps altogether and implement a legitimate anti-malware tool that will both clean your PC and keep it protected in the future.

How to delete

Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch IE, tap Alt+T, and select Internet options.
  2. Click the General tab and find the Home Page.
  3. Modify the URL to fit your desire and click OK.
  4. Tap Alt+T again, but this time select Manage Add-ons.
  5. Move to the Search Providers menu.
  6. Set/add the desired search provider.
  7. Remove the undesirable provider and click Close.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Firefox, tap Alt+T, and select Options.
  2. In the menu on your left click General.
  3. Modify the URL in the Home Page section.
  4. In the menu on the left click Search.
  5. Select/add the desired search provider.
  6. Select the unwanted provider and click Remove.

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome, tap Alt+F, and select Settings.
  2. Navigate to the On Startup section.
  3. Mark Open a specific page or set of pages.
  4. Click Set pages and modify the URL.
  5. Navigate to the Search section.
  6. Set/add the desired search provider.
  7. Click X to remove the hijacker and click Done.
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