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Whenever you add new extensions to your browser, you have to make sure that those extensions are reliable. SearchGames4U might look like a good deal, but this application is a potentially unwanted program. When we deal with potentially unwanted programs, we have to understand that they are not malicious system threats. However, they could be associated with various cybersecurity issues and risks that cannot be overlooked. Hence, if you happen to have SearchGames4U on-board, and you don’t remember how this extension reached you, simply remove it today.

If you didn’t plan to have this extension, you might think that your computer was infected with malware. However, even if it was not your intention to add SearchGames4U, you still must have given your permission to because the application cannot enter your system without your permission.

Normally, when users add SearchGames4U to their browser through its official homepage or the Chrome Web Store, they do know that they are about to get some of their browser’s settings modified. But when SearchGames4U comes through third-party sources, users might be taken by surprise. After all, this application changes your default search provider, and it also employs tracking cookies to read your browsing history.

It doesn’t mean that SearchGames4U can collect your login data or passwords. The app isn’t sophisticated enough for it. But with the logs on your browsing history, SearchGames4U could easily generate custom commercial content. You will encounter that content when you run a web search through this extension’s search engine.

Of course, SearchGames4U doesn’t even have an original search provider. It uses Yahoo! Search to deliver you the results. Yahoo! Search is not in any way related to this extension. However, it is very common for such potentially unwanted programs to make use of popular search engines because it helps them look reliable. Also, SearchGames4U offers advertising space for almost anyone because they don’t review the content they promote. This allows third parties to embed their content in the modified search results.

Modified search results are generated based on the information that SearchGames4U collects when it reads your browsing history. Thus, it might look that some of those results look more related to what you like or what you usually look for. And if you see something familiar, you are more likely to interact with it by clicking the link.

For the most part, it isn’t dangerous or anything, but we must remember that some of those links could lead to dangerous websites. You can obviously choose to ignore the search results. You can also change your default search provider to the engine you prefer. However, a lot of users fail to notice these threats, and they end up getting exposed to potentially harmful pages. Although malware infection is a very unlikely result of this situation, but we have to take all the potential risks into account.

Therefore, it would be for the best if you removed SearchGames4U from your system today. You can delete the app via the Extensions menu, or just by resetting your browser to default. That is the way we prefer because it also deletes all the tracking cookies that log your browsing information. If you think that’s not enough to ensure your system’s security, you can also employ a reliable antispyware tool that will help you terminate other potential threats (if present).

At the same time, you can invest in the security tool of your choice to protect your system against various intruders in the future. Just don’t forget that you should also avoid suspicious websites because that’s where unwanted programs usually wait for you.

How to Delete SearchGames4U

  1. Launch Chrome and press Alt+F.
  2. Click Settings and scroll down.
  3. Click Advanced and scroll down again.
  4. Press Restore settings to their original defaults.
  5. Click Reset settings.
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