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SearchFunctions is a Google Chrome browser extension users can download from the Chrome Web Store. There are 6 040 people who have already installed it on their computers, but the total number of users who have encountered it must be higher because it seems that it might appear on users’ computers without their knowledge as well. SearchFunctions is presented as the extension that “uses search keyword bookmarks and makes it extremely simple to use the popular Search Engine.” It does look like quite beneficial software that can improve the web searching experience at first glance, so we have not found it surprising at all that some users consciously install it from the Chrome Web Store. If you are one of them, we have bad news for you – it is not a beneficial piece of software. Research carried out by experienced specialists working at has clearly shown that this browser extension is just a typical potentially unwanted program (PUP). An application is considered potentially unwanted software when many users perceive it as unwanted and, on top of that, it acts in an undesirable way. The next paragraph will tell you more about SearchFunctions and how it acts once it affects users’ Google Chrome browsers, so if you still cannot decide what to do with it, you should carefully read it and then make your final decision. We hope that you will decide to get rid of SearchFunctions.

Specialists do not consider SearchFunctions beneficial software because research has shown that all it does is altering Google Chrome settings that belong to them. You will find a new page set as your default search tool, homepage, and New Tab URL if you ever install SearchFunctions/it affects your web browser without your knowledge and, because of this, you will see this new page open when you open your web browser. It goes without saying that your preferred pages will be gone from homepage, New Tab page, and default search tool places. SearchFunctions promotes a page that looks like an ordinary search tool. It only has a search box in the middle. It not only looks legitimate at first glance, but it also returns search results when users enter any search queries, which explains why so many users do not rush to undo the changes applied to their web browsers. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm that it is safe to use this search tool to perform web searches. It has been found that users might be presented with sponsored links promoting third-party products and/or services. They might be placed among ordinary search results displayed to them, so users will eventually click on them if they do not stop using the search tool promoted by SearchFunctions. In the worst-case scenario, these sponsored links might redirect them straight to untrustworthy websites. We do not say that all websites they promote are bad, but you might end up on a page with untrustworthy applications one day. You should remove SearchFunctions together with the search tool it promotes completely to prevent this from happening. Once this suspicious extension is removed, you could set a new URL of your choice on your browser.

As you already know what to expect from SearchFunctions, let’s talk about its distribution. One of the reasons it has been categorized as a potentially unwanted application is the fact that it might infiltrate users’ PCs unnoticed. As research has shown, the chances are high that users do not notice when it is installed on their PCs because it travels bundled with other programs and, as a consequence, users themselves install SearchFunctions next to third-party applications. There are hundreds of untrustworthy applications that are spread bundled, so you cannot live without an antimalware tool active on your computer if you do not want to find new undesirable software installed on your PC without your permission.

If you are sure you have nothing to do with the installation of SearchFunctions, or you have simply not found it beneficial, you should remove it from your PC today. Since this potentially unwanted program is a simple browser extension, you will remove it through the add-ons manager. In case this does not tell you anything, use our manual removal guide – you can find it below.

How to remove SearchFunctions

From Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome and simultaneously press Alt+F on your keyboard.
  2. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Select SearchFunctions.
  4. Click the Trash button.
Download Remover for SearchFunctions *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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