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Category: Browser Hijackers is an untrustworthy web page that will replace your homepage and search engine on Internet Explorer one day. If this happens, you can be sure that a browser hijacker managed to enter your system. might not only expose users to threats, but it might also not allow them to set another homepage and search engine unless they delete it. Believe us; there is no point in keeping on the system, so delete it the moment you notice it set on your Internet Explorer. You might really find this task difficult, but we hope that it will be clearer for you how you can delete this threat after reading this article from the first sentence till the last.

As you already know, will appear on Internet Explorer only and it might seem to be a good search engine at first because it promises to provide all tweets offering to apply for different jobs in one place. It might seem like a useful feature; however, we are sure that you can find the same tweets if you have Twitter. In addition, nobody can guarantee that bad links are not hidden between those tweets available on the main page of It is quite dangerous to click on sponsored links and modified search results because they might take quickly to corrupted third-party web pages. We call these web pages “corrupted” because they are usually hacked and might contain malicious software. Malicious software might sneak onto computers without permission and cause much harm quickly.

The presence of third-party links and advertisements is not the only reason why we suggest getting rid of Researchers working at have managed to find out that this unreliable search engine will gather search queries, links clicked on, IP address, approximate location, and, probably, a bunch of other details associated with users’ activities on the web. All these details are necessary to provide users with the relevant content – in this case, job adverts. Of course, it needs this information in order to present users with ads and various links too. We believe that the creator of gets money for clicks on them.

Researchers at have also found that adds several files to the system after the installation, e.g. %WINDIR%\system32\isystem.exe, %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\isystem.exe, and %WINDIR%\htmlsync.exe. In addition, it will change the Start Page, Search Page, Default_Search_URL, Default_Page_URL, CustomizeSearch, Search Assistant, and other Values in different registry keys. As it makes so many changes in the system registry, it is a really hard task to remove this browser hijacker manually. Do not worry; there is still another way to eliminate this threat.

We are sure that you have not set yourself because this search engine is not famous at all. In addition, it does not have an official website, so it is not so easy to find out about it. As is still quite prevalent these days, we are sure that it is spread in software bundles. Of course, it does not travel alone – it tends to hide behind adware, potentially unwanted programs, and other similar threats. There is a really huge possibility to encounter other untrustworthy applications if you tend to download programs from various torrent pages. In order to protect your system, install a security tool and do not forget to download programs from their official websites. These programs have to be trustworthy too!

If you visit Control Panel, we are sure that you will not find an uninstall entry of in Control Panel and thus will not be able to remove this search engine manually from your Internet Explorer. Luckily, it is very likely that this search engine will disappear after you reset your browser. Another way to get rid of it is to scan the system with SpyHunter. It is up to you which removal method to employ, just make sure that you delete fully.


Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Tap Alt+T.
  3. Open Internet Options.
  4. Click on the Advanced tab and click Reset.
  5. Put a tick in the box alongside Delete personal settings.
  6. Click Reset.
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