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If you are convinced that Search Secretly offers exclusive services, you are wrong. This program does not deserve installation because it does exactly what Google Chrome has been doing for years. Although the add-on promises to help you browse the web without adding anything to your browsing history, you can use the “Incognito” function offered by the Google Chrome browser for the same effect. Do you think that the extension offers something else? Of course, it does, but that does not mean that you are the one who would benefit from it. If you install the extension, it also installs data-trackers, and it introduces you to an unreliable search tool. Although the search tool should help you browse the web, and the cookies should enhance the services, you cannot be careless when it comes to these “features.” In fact, we advise deleting Search Secretly because of the suspicious cookies and the suspicious search tool. If you want to learn more about the program and its removal, you need to look no further. is the search tool that Search Secretly employs, and this is why our research team classifies the add-on as a browser hijacker. This suspicious search tool also promotes the installer of the add-on, and you are likely to be routed to when interacting with unreliable pop-ups. The official installer can be found on the Chrome web store, and this is where information about the add-on can be found as well. The company that has created the suspicious hijacker is Visicom Media Inc., and its Privacy Policy is represented at According to the statement, personal information could be collected and shared with “trusted business partners.” Since these “partners” are not disclosed, you need to think if information about you will be handled correctly. If you fear that it is will not, it might be best for you to remove Search Secretly. Note that Visicom Media Inc. is responsible for other suspicious pieces of software – for example, MyStart Toolbar and All My Web Toolbar – and you have to beware of them coming bundled together.

Have you noticed that your default search provider was switched to when you installed Search Secretly? If you have used it for web browsing, you know that it reroutes all search queries to, which, of course, is the popular Yahoo Search. First of all, it appears that the hijacker can redirect without authorization, which is a good enough reason to delete it right away. Second, the results shown to you are unlikely to be 100% authentic. Although they are represented via Yahoo Search, they can be introduced by the hijacker itself. Since the attractive service of this threat is free, its developer is likely to exploit it to earn a profit in some way. Unfortunately, it is possible that the hijacker promotes third-party services to earn money, and it is possible that these services are neither useful nor reliable. In general, it is unlikely that the suspicious hijacker can offer you useful services, and so it is best for you to delete it. You might evade big security issues by doing that.

Since the suspicious Search Secretly might be spread by unreliable software distributors who could bundle it with malware, it is important to inspect your operating system and browsers using a legitimate malware scanner. Even if you have downloaded the hijacker from the Chrome web store – in which case, it will not come packaged with third-party malware – you should inspect your operating system. After all, one unreliable program has found its way in, and it is possible that other infections have invaded your operating system in the past. A reliable malware scanner does not take long to scan your PC, and that can give you a peace of mind. If the scanner finds no other threats, use the guide below to remove Search Secretly from your Google Chrome browser. Also, install trustworthy security software to ensure that your operating system stays malware-free in the future.

How to delete Search Secretly

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Tap keys Alt+F to launch the Chrome menu.
  3. Move to More tools for more options.
  4. Select Extensions.
  5. Click the recycle bin next to Search Secretly.
  6. Choose Remove.
  7. Restart the browser.
Download Remover for Search Secretly *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Search Secretly
Search Secretly
Search Secretly


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