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Category: Browser Hijackers is a browser hijacker, and it means that this application cares the most about money. Luckily, it is not your money, but the money it can “earn” through third-party advertising. Such programs often rely on such practices to survive, and users tend to be part of that system without even realizing it. While browser hijackers do not intend to infect you with malware, they could end up being exploited by cyber criminals for malware distribution. Hence, you have to remove from your computer today if you want to avoid even more severe issues in the future.

You may not believe it, but you probably installed yourself. If you have recently downloaded programs from file-sharing websites, it must have been it. Browser hijackers seldom have direct distribution sources, so they rely bundled downloads and software packages. Users often encounter software packages when they look for freeware apps. Normally, there is nothing wrong about downloading freeware, but users have to acknowledge the potential security risks associated with such practice. The third-party installers that install a particular program on your system may also come with additional apps and features. Some of which, you may not need. comes from the same family as,,, and since we know how to deal with these previously released intruders, we know how to remove, too. This is the thing about browser hijackers: They are often rather generic programs that are almost identical, and it makes it easier to get rid of them when you know at least one member of the family.

Likewise, all programs in the group employ similar distribution methods, so you should know how to avoid similar intruders in the future. First, your web browsing habits are very important. If you need a new program, you should download it from a reliable source rather than from a file-sharing website. Also, when you initiate the installation, be sure to read all the steps in the setup because that might also help you avoid something unwanted. Finally, consider acquiring a licensed antispyware program that would protect your system from various threats.

The good thing about browser hijackers is that you will know that you have this program on your system almost immediately. will change your default homepage and search engine on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and all of your search queries will be redirected to a customized search engine page. Needless to say, some of the search results will be modified, too. They will be changed to fit your likes and preferences. will know what you like because it employs tracking cookies to collect information on your web browsing habits. While it is not illegal, it could easily lead to various security issues.

In short, if you want to avoid various problems, you need to delete right now. To delete the hijacker manually, follow the instructions below or acquire a security tool that will remove the program automatically. A reliable antispyware program is always a good choice because you may have more threats on your computer. After all, browser hijackers tend to travel together with other unwanted programs, so you need to make sure that your system is safe and clean.

How to Delete

Internet Explorer

  1. Press Win+R and the Run prompt will open.
  2. Type regedit into the Open box. Click OK.
  3. Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
  4. Right-click the Start Page value on the right pane.
  5. Choose Modify and edit your homepage address. Press OK.


  1. Press Win+R and enter %AppData%. Click OK.
  2. Navigate to Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[Unique User ID].
  3. Open the prefs.js file with Notepad.
  4. Remove the following string: user_pref("browser.startup.homepage", "");
  5. Save changes and close the file.


  1. Press Win+R and type %LocalAppData%. Press OK.
  2. Go to Google\Chrome\User Data\Default.
  3. Find and remove these files: Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data.
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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:

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