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Category: Browser Hijackers has the skin of a regular search provider, but our research team recognizes it as a browser hijacker. This search tool can modify the homepage URL on all popular browsers, and even replace the default search provider on few of them (Internet Explorer and Google Chrome). Although it does not work as a regular search provider (continue reading to learn more about this), it provides quick-access links to different emailing services, including Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail. Additionally, it provides links to a Local Weather forecast, Google Maps, and Facebook. Needless to say, these last links do not fall into the same category; however, they are likely to be attractive for users. In general, there is nothing wrong with the links shown to you because they are authentic. The main reason you should delete from your PC is its inability to provide you with reliable web search services.

Have you used already? If you have, you must know that it does not offer you original searches. Instead, this hijacker automatically reroutes you to, a search engine you might be familiar with and that you might trust. Although most users trust the results shown via this engine, we do not recommend it because uses it to showcase sponsored links and advertisements. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all links/ads injected by the hijacker will be reliable and trustworthy. Do you want to accidentally click on links that are potentially misleading and that could introduce you to more unreliable links? If you do not, you should consider if is worth keeping around. After all, if you want to use, you should just apply it as your homepage or default search provider, instead of using a middle party, which is the useless hijacker. Of course, before you set up a new search provider, you need to delete the unwanted one.

It is unlikely that you have installed as a standalone search tool. This search tool is represented via the Login Email Now by SaferBrowser add-on. SaferBrowser is associated with other web hijackers we have discussed already, including,, and All of these hijackers have unique extensions linked to them. Login Email Now can be downloaded from the Chrome web store or the official page,, but you might also be exposed to it via malicious installers promoted with the help of pop-ups. These pop-ups might be placed on unreliable sites, but they could also be prompted by existing malware, and so you need to check your operating system for it. You can download a free malware scanner by clicking the link below, and we suggest examining your operating system even if you do not think that malware exists. If malicious programs are active, you want to know that, so that you could take action as soon as possible.

You need to delete Login Email Now to get rid of the suspicious This hijacker is represented via the extension, and so you need to eliminate it. You will not be able to replace the homepage and search provider settings without disabling the extension first, and you can achieve that using the guide below. Even if you have no experience eliminating extensions – or, in the case of Internet Explorer, unwanted applications – this manual removal guide is very easy to follow. Of course, if other threats are present, manual removal is not the best option, and we suggest utilizing automated malware detection and removal software instead. If you have downloaded the malware scanner offered on this page, you can upgrade it to fully clean your operating system. When choosing anti-malware software, make sure you do not install malicious or useless, outdated tools. If you need our advice, you can post a comment below, and we will try to help you as best as we can.

How to delete Login Email Now

Google Chrome:

  1. Launch the browser and tap Alt+F to open the menu on the right side.
  2. Move the cursor over to More tools and then click Extensions.
  3. Identify the unwanted extension, click the recycle bin, and choose Remove.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch the browser and tap Alt+T to open the Tools menu at the top.
  2. Select Add-ons to open the menu and then move to Extensions.
  3. Identify the unwanted extension and then click the Remove button next to it.

Windows XP (for IE users):

  1. Move to the left of the Taskbar and click the Start menu icon.
  2. Open the Control Panel and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Identify the unwanted program, select it, and click Remove.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 (for IE users):

  1. Move to the left of the Taskbar and click the Windows button.
  2. Open the Control Panel menu and then move to Uninstall a program.
  3. Identify the unwanted program, right-click it, and select Uninstall.

Windows 8/Windows 10 (for IE users):

  1. Simultaneously tap keys Win+R to launch the RUN dialog box.
  2. Enter Control Panel to open the menu and then move to Uninstall a program.
  3. Right-click the program you wish to eliminate and click Uninstall.
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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:


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