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Category: Browser Hijackers is not a program that you want to find active on your operating system. This is so since it is just one more browser hijacker that must be removed as soon as it is found fully active on your PC. Our research team advises you to do so not only because this intrusive piece of software will make your online experience a miserable one, but because at times it could prove to act in a rather malicious way. In this report, we provide further information about the suspicious functionality of, which should allow you to understand why its complete removal is essential to your overall virtual security. Make sure to use the comprehensive removal guide that we present below to get rid of this hijacker in a most efficient way.

The first indication that a browser hijacker has been able to enter your PC and to embed itself successfully is a sudden change of your web browser's default settings. In the case of, it will alter your default search engine and homepage without any notification, whether you like it or not. It goes without saying that all of this is annoying especially understanding the fact that you will no longer be able to start your web browsing sessions on a website of your desire as well as you will be forced to use the newly appointed third-party search engine instead of the one you prefer. While annoyance and frustration caused by this hijacker is its most prominent feature, you should be aware of the fact that could prove to be the reason other suspicious and invasive programs might be able to enter your operating system with little trouble. This is so because the questionable search engine could provide you with a potentially malicious result. This means that some of the results presented to you by could be embedded with a redirect link. Therefore, by clicking on such a seemingly normal search result, you could be led to third-party websites, which might turn out to host unwanted or at times even malicious software. This is the reason we highly advise you not to use the newly appointed search engine as it could have detrimental outcomes, to put it mildly. Such functionality of is the main reason we highly advise you not to waste your time and to remove it at the very same time that it is found active on your PC.

Additionally, you should know that in most cases is spread via bundled installers. This is not at all surprising since other programs that belong to this category are usually distributed in such a fashion. Such means of distribution could be a threat to your virtual security as software bundles tend to host quite a few dubious applications. Thus, if you happen to already have fully up and running on your PC we highly advise you to check your operating system for other invasive programs without any hesitation. To avoid dubious setup files filled with questionable applications, you should bypass all third-party download websites because they are infamous for being the primary source of such installers. Also, we highly advise you to install a professional malware detection and removal tool if you do not have one already. Such a tool is a paramount part of your overall virtual security as it can warn you about any questionable content in advance.

Remove without any hesitation. There are no good reasons to keep this hijacker active on your PC; in fact, leaving it active could result in a system infection. To stop its invasive functionality and to restore the default settings of your web browser, make sure to pay your utmost attention to the removal procedure. This is critical as you need to delete every single bit associated with in order to surf the web the way you are used to once again.

How to remove from your browser

Google Chrome

  1. Start your web browser.
  2. Click the Chrome Menu button.
  3. Select Settings and click Extensions.
  4. Click the Recycle Bin icon next to the extension.
  5. Select Remove to confirm your choice.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Click the Menu button and select Add-ons.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Click Remove next to the extension.

Internet Explorer

  1. Launch your web browser.
  2. Click the Menu button.
  3. Select Manage add-ons.
  4. Select Toolbars and Extensions.
  5. Locate the extension.
  6. Click Remove.

How to remove from your PC

Windows 10

  1. Type Control Panel into the search box.
  2. Tap Eneter and select Uninstall a program.
  3. Select the and click Uninstall.

Windows 8 and 8.1

  1. Right-click your Task Bar.
  2. Select Control Panel and click Uninstall a program.
  3. Double-click the
  4. Confirm that you want to remove it.

Windows 7

  1. Click the Windows button and select Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall a program.
  3. Double-click
  4. Confirm that you want to remove it.

Windows XP

  1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
  2. Select Add or remove programs.
  3. Select and click the Remove button.
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