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Category: Browser Hijackers

If you think that is a reliable search engine, then you are in for a surprise and an unpleasant one at that. We have classified it as a browser hijacker and recommend that you remove it from your computer as soon as possible. It falls into the category of browser hijackers because its developers have decided to distribute it using deceptive tactics that involve installing it on your browser without your permission. Furthermore, we think that this hijacker should show modified search results featuring promotional links. The problem is, however, that its promotional campaign can subject you to unreliable websites, so you should refrain from using’s search box.

While you can use as a regular search engine, we would like to point out that this particular search engine redirects all search queries to a custom Yahoo search engine. While you can get relevant search results we want to point out that that the search results that you get are bound to feature promotional links that can be unreliable. It is clear that this search engine is dedicated to advertising because its main page also featured promotional links to popular, legitimate websites. It also features a toolbar that contains links to several websites as well and they include links to Google Maps and Bing Maps. There is nothing fancy about this hijacker’s gimmicky features, so do not fall for its supposed usefulness.

As far as this hijacker’s privacy matters are concerned, we want to point out that, like most search engines (legitimate and not), was configured to collect some anonymous information about you. Its privacy policy states that it can obtain information such as your IP address, Internet Service Provider’s (ISP) domain name, browser type, operating system type, browsing history, search queries, and other anonymous information automatically. Allegedly, this information is used for improving this search engine’s services, but, at the same time, the privacy policy makes it clear that this information will also be used for advertising purposes. “Anonymous Information and Search Data is used to <…> present you with offers for other products, offerings, programs, features and/or services that may be of interest to you.”

Another important aspect about we want to discuss is the fact that it is distributed using dishonest methods. We have received information that suggests that this search engine might be distributed using software bundles. These bundles are said to install this hijacker onto your browser without your knowledge or consent. It does not appear to have a dedicated browser extension, so we think that it relies on the installer into inject it into your browser. We assume that the installers ought to set as the default homepage if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

We have found that is similar to many other browser hijackers such as,, and because all of them were published by Polarity Technologies, an infamous company primarily known for its unreliable, useless search engines that feature promotional links and ads to make money. And, is also one such malicious search engine that was designed to generate advertising revenue. In short, it will not provide with a useful and reliable online search service, so you should consider getting rid of it as soon as possible.

We hope you found this description useful and now you know what is all about. It comes from a known browser hijacker developer and is distributed as such. It search results can contain promotional links of unknown origin and it can collect information about you to customize and personalize the ad campaign. If you want to be on the safe side of things, then we recommend that you remove and replace with a legitimate search engine. You can consult the instructions below on how to replace the homepage address via browser options.

Replace the homepage address

Google Chrome

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+F keys.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Set pages and enter a new address.
  4. Click OK.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+T and click Options.
  2. Select General.
  3. In the Home Page box, Erase
  4. Enter a new URL in the address box.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Simultaneously press Alt+T keys.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Enter a new URL in the home page address line.
  4. Click OK.
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