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Category: Browser Hijackers search engine may appear as your new tab page in you browsers without your permission. It is possible if you have visited unreliable file-sharing sites lately and got your system infected with malware. This search engine is nothing new really, in fact, it is identical to Having this infection on-board means that any time you click for a new tab, this website will load. Most users do not bother to remove because they do not know about the potential security issues this search engine might expose them to. You must know that if you have this browser extension on your computer, you have an unreliable tool that may cause damage indirectly. To find out more about this malware infection, please go on reading our article.

Once this search engine infiltrates your system, it changes your new tab page and default search engine settings to Apart from a third-party search tool that redirects all your search queries to, this search engine offers you easy-access links to different popular sites, and also, a toolbar. This toolbar has the same search tool and several quick-link buttons to all kinds of movie-related third-party sites. One of the main issues with this search engine is that it has the capability to modify the search results. It means that if you search the web through this search tool, you will be redirected to a modified search results page where you might be introduced to potentially corrupted third-party ads and sponsored links. These can also be tailored to suit your interests due to the fact that may collect all kinds of information about you and your browsing habits.

You need to be very careful with clicking on ads and links displayed by this search engine because the third parties behind them might be schemers with dark intentions. You can never feel safe if you keep in your browsers since you can even click on a corrupted link by accident. One click on the wrong link could launch a series of unfortunate events with regard to your system’s security. If you want to avoid the exposure to potential cyber criminals, you should remove ASAP.

This search engine is most likely to end up on your computer when you click on pop-up ads on suspicious freeware hosting websites. You may think you are downloading a useful free program, but what you get is a malware infection instead. The lesson here is clear: Stay away from questionable file-sharing websites. If you keep this simple rule, you can save yourself from these security issues and the consequences. There is also a chance that this search engine might travel in freeware bundles. If you have installed free software recently, might be an unpleasant “side effect” of that. This scenario is obviously much worse since your system will be attacked by not one but several malware threats at the same time. Deleting may be just the first attempt to restore your system’s health, but you cannot stop at that. You need to hunt down all infections in order to be sure you are safe in your virtual “kingdom.”

This search engine affects only two of the most popular browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. You cannot uninstall it through Control Panel, but it is still not complicated to say farewell to this useless tool. All you need to do is remove the extensions from your browsers. But do not forget about the possibility that there may be other infections as well. You must address that issue unless you want to wait until there will be more severe security issues that you may not even be able to handle.

How to remove

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Tap Alt+T and choose Add-ons.
  2. Select Extensions on the left.
  3. Click on the extension and press Remove.

Google Chrome

  1. Tap Alt+F and go to More Tools.
  2. Choose Extensions.
  3. Click on the extension and click on the trash icon.
  4. Press Remove.
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