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Category: Browser Hijackers is a search engine that can cause you some confusion, especially if you find the search provider set as your home page without your approval. This suspicious-looking search engine replaces the startup page and default search provider of the Chrome browser when an extension named Kshowonline_DS gets your permission to implement changes. Needless to say,  you can manually set this search engine as the default search provider, which would be unwise and not recommended for your own privacy.

Due to the fact that puts computer users to inconvenience because of the way it is distributed and added to the browser, malware researchers categorize the search engine as a browser hijacker, and the whole process of changing the settings is called browser hijacking, even though a real instance of browser hijacking takes places when the victim's browser is corrupted without any hidden information or prior notice.Do not worry if you do not remember installing this browser extension because you have probably installed some software distributing this browser extension, which you have not noticed during installation.

Next time when dealing with freeware, do not forget that the setup file may contain something more than the program you have selected. Software distributors working on freeware bundle different programs to increase the number of the end users, so it is highly advisable to at least skim through every window displayed, one of which may contain some critically important check boxes. Not all freeware programs are safe and reliable to use, so if you want to prevent unwanted setting alterations, pop-up ads, and other system performance-related issues, do not hesitate to spend some time scanning the information displayed by the installer.

The search engine should be removed once noticed because its practice used to provide people with search results is not as reliable as it should be. redirects search queries to, which delivers result pages full of third-party advertisements. The advertisements barely stand out from the organic search results even though there is the headline ads. Among the links named ads, you may find links that have nothing in common with your primary search term. Instead of the search term-related entries, you may find links to social networking websites or some other unknown search engines, which may use questionable methods to provide users with search results. In order not to click on a deceptive link inadvertently, you should not bother yourself with but remove it from the browser.

The used by is managed by Babylon Ltd, which is famous for its browser extensions, or toolbars, and search engines. The search provider collects certain non-personally identifiable information which, according to the privacy policy, is not shared with any third party, but only used for the enhancement of the service. However, the fact that the search engine is supported by questionable third parties, which are governed by different policies, should be taken into consideration. may also record the search keywords entered so that some conclusions about the user's interests or browsing habits can be made. If you have no intention of using the because of your own reasons, do not wait any longer but remove it from the browser. can be easily removed from the browser by eliminating the associated browser extension. However, this removal option is not sufficient if you want to be sure that your browsers will not get affected by unsolicited applications. Our team recommends implementing a reputable security application that can remove for you and fight off multiple threats, including ransomware, trojan horses, adware, to mention just a few. Do not keep your OS unprotected, because your valuable data, such as pictures, documents, and passwords, could be stolen or destroyed at any time. The removal guide provided below will help you eliminate, but you should not reject the possibility of implementing a reputable anti-malware program.

How to remove

  1. Click the menu button located in the right corner of the browser next to the URL box.
  2. Click More tools.
  3. Select Extensions.
  4. Remove the unsolicited application.
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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:

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