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Category: Browser Hijackers is a browser hijacker that targets devices with Android OS and iOS. There is no doubt that this infection has infiltrated your device too if you find a new URL set on your browsers (it should affect such popular browsers as Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome). Not all the users immediately notice the changes applied to their browsers, but when they do, they usually find its presence undesirable because they do not know anything about it. If you have found it set as a start page on your browsers too, you should delete it as quickly as possible because it is not a legitimate search provider. Researchers say that users who do nothing about its presence and use it as a default search tool risk ending up on untrustworthy third-party pages – this search tool might display untrustworthy links leading to these pages next to ordinary search results. Of course, we do not try to say here that all its search results are untrustworthy because it would not be true, and we will not try to convince you here that this search tool is malicious, but, unfortunately, we cannot say anything positive about it either. Because of this, we cannot recommend you anything more than the complete removal.

The main drawback has is associated with the search results it returns to users when they enter the search query. It has been noticed that not all the search results are trustworthy. To be more specific, some of them are pure third-party links provided to users seeking to drive traffic to certain third-party pages they promote. Since is not the most trustworthy search tool itself, the chances are high that it might display links leading straight to untrustworthy pages too. Of course, we do not say that all these links will be bad, but if you decide to use to perform web searches, you should know that you might be redirected to a bad page one day. In addition, you should know that this search tool will collect information about you each time you use it. It will collect the non-personally identifiable information automatically. As for the personally-identifiable information, it will not record it unless you provide personal details willingly. It says that it never discloses the recorded data to third parties, but we would not be so sure that it is true if we were you. More information about how treats the privacy of users is provided in the Privacy Policy document – you can read it to find more.

We are 99% sure that you have not set a new URL on your browsers because it is not a popular search provider. It is more likely that you have installed on your device some kind of malicious application developed by third parties. If you suspect that the reason this search tool opens with your browser on your Android/iOS device is different, you still need to remove it without further consideration. Double-check all new apps you download/install so that the undesirable changes would not be applied to your browsers ever again. Additionally, we recommend that you find a security application compatible with your device and enable it to work on it 24/7.

If you remember installing a new app before discovering set on browsers, the chances are high that you will need to locate and delete the malicious application from your device to undo the changes applied to your browsers. We are sure that not all the users know much about the removal of undesirable applications, so we have prepared the manual removal guide for Android OS and iOS separately. If the untrustworthy search provider does not leave your browsers alone, you should reinstall all affected browsers. We are sure it will not stay if you do that.


Android OS

  1. Go to Menu.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Go to Applications.
  4. Open Manage applications.
  5. Tap the malicious app.
  6. Tap Uninstall.


  1. Find the app you want to uninstall on your device.
  2. Tap and hold its icon until it begins to wiggle.
  3. When X appears, tap it.
  4. Tap Delete in the window asking whether you really want to delete the app.
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