Scrabber Ransomware Removal Guide

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Scrabber Ransomware is a rather unusual ransomware application. Instead of displaying a warning saying it encrypted user’s files and now he has to pay for their decryption, the malware shows a note claiming the needed tools will be provided free of charge. It seems unbelievable the hackers would go through such trouble of designing the threat and distributing it among potential victims just to have to restore all damaged files for free later on. If you doubt the Scrabber Ransomware creators’ good intentions as well, we would advise removing the malware instead of contacting its creators. The instructions explaining how to get rid of the malicious application manually are located below the article. As for more information about the threat, for example, its possible distribution channels, we will provide it further in the text.

There are a lot of ways to distribute threats like Scrabber Ransomware, but in this case, our specialists say it most likely settles in by exploiting the computer’s weaknesses or via malicious email attachments. Thus, to keep your system clean from these infections it would be a good idea to eliminate the vulnerabilities your device might have, for example, compromised or weak passcodes. Plus, you should watch out for suspicious email attachments that may come with Spam. If you have any doubts, it is best not to open doubtful data before scanning it with a reliable security tool. With threats like Scrabber Ransomware, it is best to be cautious, because the consequences can be severe.

Provided the system gets infected, the malware should start encrypting user’s documents, pictures, videos, and other files alike. To mark the damaged data, the malicious application adds a second extension for each file, for example, picture.jpg.junked. At the same time, Scrabber Ransomware might delete all shadow copies to make it impossible to restore encrypted data from such copies. Nonetheless, if you have any backup copies you could use, for example, on cloud storage, you could switch damaged files with them, although it would be advisable to do so only after you erase the threat. Another thing you ought to notice after the encryption process is a couple of ransom notes dropped on the Desktop folder. They both contain the same message, although one of it is in Russian, while the other one is in English. To our surprise, the ransom note does not ask to pay a ransom. According to the hackers, they will provide the means for decryption free of charge if the user contacts them. Of course, as we said earlier, we doubt their intentions and believe it is possible users who contact them could be scammed.

It seems to us the safest option is to erase Scrabber Ransomware and if you think the same, we advise you to eliminate it with no hesitation. Users with experience could try to remove the malicious application manually. If you check the instructions below, you should see they list all the needed steps to complete the task. Some users could find it still too difficult, and if it is the case for you, we advise using a reliable security tool instead.

Get rid of Scrabber Ransomware

  1. Click Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Locate a process related to the malware.
  4. Mark it and press End Task.
  5. Exit Task Manager.
  6. Open File Explorer (Win+E).
  7. Go to these locations separately:
  8. Search for a suspicious file that might be the malware’s installer; right-click it and select Delete.
  9. Then go to your Desktop again.
  10. Find files named READ BLET.txt and ПРОЧИТАЙ БЛЭТ!.txt.
  11. Right-click these files separately and select Delete.
  12. Exit the Explorer.
  13. Empty Recycle bin.
  14. Reboot the device.
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