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Being constantly bombarded by annoying commercial advertisements is definitely not your idea of fun. However, that might happen because you have added to your browser. This domain belongs to a browser hijacker that modifies your browser’s settings without your permission. It might happen when you install freeware on your computer, so it means that you might accidentally allow unwanted applications into your system. Luckily, it is not hard to remove, and other similar applications from your system. You can do it manually or automatically, and it is up to you to choose which method you would like to apply.

When this program is installed on your computer, it hijacks shortcuts by modifying browser’s settings via Program Files. The hijacker can easily affect Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, so if you happen to download this application, you can be sure that your browser will be affected (unless you have the Edge browser). Either way, even if you may use some other browser that is not compatible with this browser hijacker, the installer file can still reach your computer, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you are not sure whether you have unfamiliar or dangerous programs on-board, please scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner.

Now, what happens when is set as your default homepage? With the browser hijacker intercepting your browsing history, the program can also open the website on your browser, and then forcefully redirect you to, and then to This shows that whoever is using this browser hijacker, they are good at monitoring your online activity. Although they cannot find out a lot about you personally, your web browsing habits could be utilized for online marketing purposes. For instance, you could see a lot of annoying commercial advertisements, associated with your latest search queries.

This is how and other similar browser hijackers manage to make money. They display advertisements with the content you may find interesting, and once you click any of these ads, you help the program generate a financial profit. uses the pay-per-click system to make money, and there is nothing illegal about it. But the problem is that the application does not check whether you interact with safe content. Some of the ads could be embedded with outgoing links to corrupted websites. In the worst case, you might also end up getting infected with malware.

Although is not an immediate system security threat, there are still a lot of security risks associated with the application. It goes without saying you should not ignore them. Therefore, please remove from your system at once, and then look for a licensed antispyware tool that would help you protect your PC from similar intruders.

Of course, it is also very important what websites you visit and what you download on your computer. You should reconsider your web browsing habits if you continuously need to deal with browser hijackers and adware. Most of these annoying applications could be avoided if you stayed away from file-sharing websites.

How to Remove

  1. Open the appropriate directory based on your web browser:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\
    C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\
    C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\
  2. In the directories, delete the chrome.bat, iexplore.bat or firefox.bat file.
  3. Use Win+R to open all of the following directories:
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs
    %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    %USERPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
  4. Delete the Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer shortcuts from the directories.
  5. Scan your PC with a security tool.
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