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As the name reveals, RSA2048Pro Ransomware is an infection that can encrypt files using the RSA-2048 encryption algorithm. Unfortunately, this threat can successfully encrypt personal photos, important documents, sentimental videos, and all kinds of other files that we are sure you do not want to lose. The problem is that if the threat has found its way in, there is not much you can do to revert the damage. That means that your files might be encrypted for good. Sure, you can try using legitimate file decryptors, but, at the time of research, they could not crack the cipher used by this threat. What about the ransom? The creator of the infection wants you to believe that your files will be decrypted as soon as you pay a certain amount of money in Bitcoins. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that this would work. In fact, it is more likely that your files would remain unreadable. Even if you end up losing your files, you need to delete RSA2048Pro Ransomware, and that is what we discuss in this report.

According to the analysis of our research team, RSA2048Pro Ransomware was written in the C# programming language, and it was first discovered at the beginning of August 2017. Just like most other threats of its kind (e.g., Invincible Ransomware or D2+D Ransomware), this ransomware is proliferated using misleading spam emails, where the launcher might be introduced to you as a harmless attachment. After the infection is installed, it does not add itself to the Startup, and it does not create multiple files. In fact, the only file it creates is called “Instruction.txt”, and you are likely to find copies of this file all across your computer. The purpose of this file, of course, is to introduce you to the instructions that allegedly can help you restore your files. According to our research, the file will be automatically opened after the encryption is done so that you know exactly what is expected from you. Besides this file, RSA2048Pro Ransomware also opens a CMD window to introduce you to the list of files that were corrupted. These files have the “.aes” extension appended to them, and you do not need to remove it.

The ransom note shown by RSA2048Pro Ransomware suggests that your files were encrypted to protect them against identify theft. Obviously, this ransomware does not care about your virtual security. The only thing it is focused on is you emailing If you email this address, the creator of the infection will send you instructions on how to pay a ransom. Whether it is small or big, paying it is a bad idea. According to some victims, the ransomware creators expect a payment of 0.5 Bitcoin within 5 days. It is possible that some users will choose to pay because they will be tricked into believing that their files are protected. Others might feel like that is the only chance they have to recover their files, and that, of course, could be true, but relying on cyber criminals to fulfill their promises is risky. As we mentioned already, it is unlikely that you will get your files back.

Whatever happens, you must remove RSA2048Pro Ransomware from your operating system fast. The easiest thing you can do is install an anti-malware program that will automatically erase the ransomware along with other infections if they exist. The most important task for this program, of course, is to maintain your system’s protection, and if you want to evade other file-encrypting threats or other kinds of malware, install it right away. What about manual removal? The guide below shows how to delete RSA2048Pro Ransomware manually, but you need to be cautious. Do not erase the wrong files, and do not overlook malicious components. Since it might easy to make mistakes, we strongly recommend scanning your operating system using a legit malware scanner afterward. If your operating system remains infected with malware, you will be warned about it so that you could take action right away. One last thing to mention is that you should start backing up your files on an external drive or using cloud storage because that is how you keep your files safe even when malware slithers in.

How to delete RSA2048Pro Ransomware

  1. Delete the file named Instruction.txt. Remember that is has copies that also require removal.
  2. Find the launcher file with a random name and right-click it.
  3. Select Delete and then immediately Empty Recycle Bin.
  4. Install a trusted malware scanner to examine your operating system for leftovers.
Download Remover for RSA2048Pro Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

RSA2048Pro Ransomware Screenshots:

RSA2048Pro Ransomware
RSA2048Pro Ransomware
RSA2048Pro Ransomware


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