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Revjet is an adware application that has been exclusively developed for Google Chrome. It has been designed to display commercial advertisements on almost all websites you might visit. We have an obligation to inform you that Revjet is an unreliable application that you ought to remove since the content it promotes can be referred to as unreliable. By "unreliable" we mean that your computer could be infected with malicious applications, because Revjet’s developers fail to endorse the third-party advertisements that they promote. There is little information about Revjet, because it has since disappeared from the web and there is little chance of getting infected with it. However, if you have already been infected with it while it was still operational, chances are that it may still pose a threat. Therefore, we encourage you to remove this infection.

As mentioned, Revjet has been developed for Google Chrome only. It is also known that it was available for download at the Chrome web store, but was taken down, probably due to its unreliable nature. Nevertheless, it might still remain in your list of Google Chrome extensions and pose a threat if it is still displaying commercial advertisements. Needless to say, that content promoted by Revjet might pose a severe security threat. Therefore, we recommend that you remove it as soon as possible.

The unreliable advertisements promoted by Revjet might infect your system with malicious applications. By definition, adware always displays ads that otherwise would not be shown on your browser window, because legitimate websites do not do business with shady entities looking to make a quick buck by promoting misleading, and oftentimes fake, content. Adware applications on the other hand are obliged to promote such content because they can capitalize on it and make money.

You should always avoid installing adware such as Revjet, regardless of whether it has been downloaded from the Chrome web store. No wonder Revjet has been removed from it, because it is unreliable in nature, displaying annoying commercial ads that could infect your computer with dangerous malicious applications. In addition, Revjet has the ability to collect information about the user that could have been used for marketing purposes.

At any rate, you should remove Revjet, because there is no way of knowing whether its remaining installations are functional or not. Our research has shown that Revjet does not work anymore, but the fact that it could still be operational and could infect your system with malware must be taken into consideration. Therefore we recommend that you remove Revjet at your earliest convenience.

How to remove Revjet from Google Chrome

  1. Press Alt+F and click Settings.
  2. Click Show advanced settings.
  3. Click Reset settings.
  4. Click Reset.
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