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ReportLady virus is an adware infection, designed to earn money for its developers. It produces pop-up boxes on various websites: Google, Amazon, Facebook, online stores and others. In said boxes, you will see various coupons, advertisements and links from the creators’ affiliates and/or sponsors.

The problem with that is that the links those advertisements contain are likely to be unsafe. They tend to be commercial, though, and that makes their unreliability more dangerous, as you could unknowingly give out your credit card details to cyber criminals. This is why you should remove ReportLady virus as soon as you notice its ads.

There is a good reason why this app does not exist in browser extension stores, even though it is made to be compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. It usually gets into the computers using the piggy-back technique, and programs that are known to having been bundled with it are 1ClickDownload, Superfish, Yontoo, FBPhotoZoom and quite obviously, many others.

To add to the reasons to delete ReportLady virus, there is the fact that it is particularly hard to remove, and also, that it hijacks your browser and comes in without any consent. Plus, such programs are known to often collect a lot of data on their users, and said information is not likely to remain private when in their possession.

As it has been mentioned before, it is very difficult to remove ReportLady virus. You should attempt manual removal only if you have previous experience in dealing with such computer infections. If you do not, you risk doing more harm than good to your computer’s system. The best option is to download a reliable security tool that will deal with this adware and that will also ensure such infections are caught before they can do any damage in the future.

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