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It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine online applications and forums, such as the Relevant Knowledge online market research service. This service is used to conduct online surveys on topics which are potentially of interest to the Internet community. The responses to Relevant Knowledge surveys are used to help determine the needs and content Internet users have and want. The problem with Relevant Knowledge comes in where it records a history of PC users’ Internet use. It does this by logging information of sites visited and actions taken. These include information such as purchases and transactions made online, and monitoring the behavior of your system.

For the above reasons Relevant Knowledge is classified as spyware. The data which is collected is sent to Relevant Knowledge’s developers and third parties, not always with the consent and knowledge of the users. Relevant Knowledge will also display surveys in pop up windows, and connects to the Internet and makes use of the Internet connection in the system’s background without seeking the user’s consent.

Relevant Knowledge comes bundled with many types of freeware and even commercial applications. Relevant Knowledge can also install itself on a PC without any action required from the user, as part of a drive-by download tactic.

This adware has also been known to operate under other names, some of which are as follows:

Win32:Relevant-P [PUP]

It is best to completely remove Relevant Knowledge from the system, and in that way know that your PC’s security and privacy is not in jeopardy. This can easiest and safest be achieved by using a properly functioning security tool which will erase Relevant Knowledge and protect your system from future similar attacks.

Download Remover for Relevant Knowledge *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


  1. Relevantknowledge is not a malicious program. You can uninstall it if it's bothering you. It installs with user's permission and collects information through surveys. User is rewarded for taking part in the survey. If you need more information, visit their website @ Wes Atherton
    Relevant Knowledge Support Team

    • We clearly stated that because of the symptoms how relevant knowledge behaves, it is being marked as spyware - a software which collects personal data. Thousands and thousands of users complain about their services, and that is why we suggest removing it. People who know and use relevant knowledge will still use it.

      • Same here that's what happens to me to

    • yeah, but when i attempted to uninstall it it said that it was already uninstalled, and then when i try to delete the files for it itd say that they were in use and it didnt have an uninstall with it

  2. I gotta agree with Mark. RelevantKnowledge slowed my system so bad I almost rebooted Windows. I don't remember agreeing to install anything (I'm a software developer).

    RelevantKnowledge is the nastiest spyware I've seen for a while. It is disgusting, moral-lacking companies like these that keep the antivirus business alive.

    I finally got rid of RK, and my computer's speed and free memory increased twofold.

    Wes, you seem smart. Why not go to work for an ethical company?


  3. im not really computer litterate mostly when it comes to spyware, and such but when i was using my laptop, these notifications came up regarding some kinda ware (relevantknowledge, somthing i dont remember EVER INSTALLING AND IS NOW CAUSING ME PROBLEMS) im trying very hard to stop and delete it but i cannot even delete from my Hard-Drive (keeps saying its opened in another programme)

    I managed to stop it in task manger(services and proformances but i cant completly get rid of it)

    any tips !?

  4. Contact us if you are looking to promote a high converting product to remove Spyware and to optimize a Windows PC.
    Sunny Smith

  5. I had a bad experience with Relevant Knowledge. It sends your browsing history and maybe other stuff to a server in Reston, VA. I beleive the federal government uses the data to help find sources of counterfeit goods. That's the legitimate use. Where I had a bad experience, and how I learned about the software, is that your data is also used to discover your political persuations and then pander to your desires. That doesn't mean the people on the other end will do what is in your best interest. It just means they will tell you what you want to hear.


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