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When you browse the web, do you think about the speed in which the results load? If you do, Quick Search Tool might intrigue you. That being said, the name of this extension is kind of misleading. It does not speed up any search processes, and the only “quick” thing associated with it is the “quick access” to Yahoo Search feature. Basically, it is meant to provide you with access to the search.yahoo.com engine via your browser, but you do not need an extension for that. Instead, you can adjust the default search provider so that you would be redirected to Yahoo Search every time you entered keywords into the address bar. That is pretty much all that the extension offers, which is one of the reasons it is categorized as PUP (potentially unwanted program). Our team of experts recommends deleting Quick Search Tool, and that is not just because we find this extension to be useless. Continue reading to learn about all of the different reasons why removing this PUP is advised.

Eightpoint Technologies Ltd. introduces Quick Search Tool via quicksearchtool.com, but when it comes to downloading, chrome.google.com/webstore/detail//jlpenjcbjaocajkajjklmfomhohiodfa is the source of the PUP’s installer. The Chrome Web Store informs that the extension is a beneficial search tool, and the sheer fact that more than 400,000 users Chrome users have downloaded it might make one think that perhaps the tool is reliable. Well, if you want to know if an extension is reliable or not, you want the opinion of experts. Our team has analyzed the privacy policies that Quick Search Tool follows, and we now know that this PUP uses data-tracking technologies to “spy” on its users. In the process, both personal and non-personal data is collected. Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is that data is shared with parties that are kept anonymous. Can you really trust unknown parties to take good care of your privacy? We cannot know the answer to that, but because the extension does not offer beneficial services, we are sure that keeping it installed might be just too risky.

While Quick Search Tool does not have an interface, it employs search.quicksearchtool.com as the default search provider. That is exactly how Templates Discovery Tab, Access TV Streaming, My Email Checker Tab, and all other clones of the PUP act as well. This search tool is not reliable for two reasons. First of all, it redirects to Yahoo Search, and as we have mentioned already, you do not need extensions or, for that matter, third-party search tools to access search.yahoo.com. Second, when Quick Search Tool presents search results, it presents them with modifications. As the privacy policies have revealed, ads can be placed on behalf of the anonymous third-party partners, and since we know nothing about them, we cannot predict what kind of content could be presented. Unfortunately, misleading advertising is common these days, and it is often used to expose people to scams and malware. Therefore, you should only interact with ads that are served via trustworthy platforms and that are presented by known, transparent parties.

You can locate all extensions installed on your Chrome browser at chrome://extensions/. This is where you can find Quick Search Tool as well, and the ‘Remove’ button placed next to it can help you get rid of the PUP. If you are confused, follow the steps presented in the guide below. The second part is dedicated to showing how to clear browsing data, which you want to do to delete web cookies. This is what the PUP uses to store information about users. While the manual removal option should be easy enough to follow, it is not a valid option for all. If your system is infected with malware, it is a good time to implement anti-malware software that will automatically remove Quick Search Tool and all threats. The part that we are most excited by is that this software can ensure full-time protection, which you should be worried about if you want to keep all threats away in the future.

How to delete Quick Search Tool from Google Chrome

  1. Launch the browser.
  2. Enter chrome://extensions into the address bar.
  3. Find the PUP and click Remove.
  4. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar.
  5. Navigate to the Advanced section.
  6. Choose a time range and then select boxes.
  7. Click Clear data and then restart the browser.
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