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Pup.mywebsearch is a browser hijacker hiding behind the appearance of a legitimate and advantageous web browser’s toolbar. The creators of the application claim that their product is completely legitimate; however, it has been researched that it collects personal information, and therefore, is not safe to use. Even though you can install this malign plugin to your browser yourself, it is most likely that you will acquire it together with bundled downloads without even noticing the lurking threat. If the application has already been installed and is currently running, you should delete pup.mywebsearch at once. If you are still unsure about the program’s hazardousness, find more information below.

At first, you may notice no danger within pup.mywebsearch; however, it may cause both visible and invisible symptoms. It is possible you will notice changes within your browser, your home page will be changed, your browsing will keep getting redirected to malignant web pages, your search results will be filled with adware, and the running of certain websites will be corrupted. This is very irritating and potentially dangerous, if you decide to click on the malicious ads, install promoted software or purchase advertised goods. All of them could be produced by schemers, who would use attractive suggestions to scheme you. What is more, it is possible that the malicious browser hijacker would also implement BHO or tracking cookies to spy on your activity, collect personal data or even login information. Needless to say, this is very dangerous to your personal security, which is why it is recommended having pup.mywebsearch deleted from your browser.

You should not dismiss a single system’s symptom indicating browser hijacker’s existence. Whether you notice slower computer’s performance or Internet connection issues – you need to remove pup.mywebsearch as soon as possible. If you trust automatic removal tools to do the job, you will be rewarded with further system’s protection. Nonetheless, if you want to delete the infection manually, firstly go to Control Panel and remove the program.

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