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Noticing Princess Locker Ransomware on your computer could be the worst experience for you today. If this ransomware infection finds a way to your operating system, you can be sure that your personal files, including your media files, will be encrypted. In this case, your only chance to restore your files is to get hold of the decryption key. Obviously, this key is kept hidden on a remote server and you can only get it if you pay the demanded rather high ransom fee. At least, this is what these cyber criminals behind this dangerous threat want to make you believe. Unfortunately, there is little chance for you to get this key even if you transfer the money. However, there are malware specialists out there who are surely working on a decryption tool, which could be available for download in the near future. This attack reminds us all about the importance of making regular backup copies to a removable drive. If you have such a copy of your files, you can easily restore them after you remove Princess Locker Ransomware. Let us tell you what we have found about this vicious program and how you can protect your system from similar dangers in the future.

There are mainly two ways for this beast to show up on your computer. First and foremost, you may download the malicious installer from a spam e-mail. But do not think for a second that it is so obvious that this file is malicious and you could easily spot it. The main reason this spam can fool a lot of computer users is because it is deceptive. The mail itself could have totally normal and legitimate-looking senders. To make it more urgent for you to open it, this sender could pose as a police department, any other local authorities, an airline, and so on. The subject of such a mail could be anything that would raise your eyebrows. For example, an unpaid speeding ticket or any invoice, wrong credit card details, and undelivered mails. It is most likely that most users would open such a mail even if they found it in their spam folder. But you need to be aware that once you save this attachment and open it to see what this allegedly “urgent” matter could be, you would infect your computer with Princess Locker Ransomware. By the time you notice that this file is a fake, your files will have been encrypted. If you delete Princess Locker Ransomware and the related files at this stage, you will not be able to protect your files.

Another possible scenario is that you do not update your browsers and drivers (Java and Flash) regularly and you end up on a malicious website after clicking on an unsafe third-party advertisement. This website is set up by cyber criminals by using an Exploit Kit. It is enough for you to load this page and you do not even need to click on anything; the malicious code starts up automatically and it can drop Princess Locker Ransomware onto your computer without your noticing it. This is why it is so important to prevent such nightmares from happening by keeping all your programs, including your browsers, and drivers always up-to-date. Remember that when you remove Princess Locker Ransomware, your files will still remain encrypted.

This dangerous ransomware program attacks your most important files just like most other infections of this category. Your files get encrypted with AES algorithm and get a new extension, which could be random, such as “.lcbul.” Two ransom note files are dropped onto your desktop called “!_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[extension].TXT” and “!_HOW_TO_RESTORE_[extension].html.” From these files you learn that you need to access a specific TOR webpage from the five provided pages for more information about the decryption and the payment.

Similarly to Cerber Ransomware, you need to choose your language out of a dozen suggested ones, including English, German, Spanish, and Japanese, before entering the malicious payment website. Then, you have to enter your personal ID that is mentioned in the ransom note. You are asked to transfer 3 Bitcoins, which is around $1900 right now, to buy the “Princess Decryptor” to be able to restore your files. If you fail to transfer this amount, the ransom fee soars up to 6 BTC. These crooks let you recover one of your encrypted files for free with the maximum file size of 1MB, which you can upload to this payment site. How “generous” is that? This gesture is obviously to prove that they are actually capable of decrypting your files. But we still do not advise you to rush to buy Bitcoins and pay up. Although this is your money and your decision, we suggest that you delete Princess Locker Ransomware ASAP.

The most effective way to eliminate Princess Locker Ransomware is obviously to use an up-to-date malware removal application, such as SpyHunter. You can still try to remove this ransomware manually, if you feel up to this. Please follow our instructions below if want to give it a try. If you want to protect your computer from similar attacks, it is essential that you keep all your programs updated and that you avoid suspicious websites and clicking on questionable web content, such as third-party ads. Also, you should start making regular backups because such a clean copy of your files would come in handy right now. Otherwise, we suggest that you keep checking for a free tool because it may emerge in the near future. If you are not an experienced user, though, we would tell you to ask a friend who is to help you with this.

Remove Princess Locker Ransomware from Windows

  1. Tap Win+E.
  2. Locate the downloaded malicious file ([random name].exe) and delete it. (This file can be in default places, such as %TEMP%, %userprofile%\downloads and %userprofile%\desktop.)
  3. Delete the ransom note files and any other suspicious files from your desktop.
  4. Empty your Recycle Bin.
  5. Restart your computer.
Download Remover for Princess Locker Ransomware *
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