Policesitewatch.org Virus Removal Guide

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Policesitewatch.org Virus is the term that is used to refer to a malicious domain which locks the browser so that you cannot access other websites. Policesitewatch.org is not the only malicious Javasript scam that you can access while browsing different insecure websites. All of them, as well as Policesitewatch.org Virus, are created to deceive computer users into thinking that their computers have been monitored by some law enforcement institutions and that prohibited material has been detected. This misinformation is provided in the form of accusations, and it is crucial that you ignore them. Policesitewatch.org Virus is a scam which you should remove from the screen.

Since the ultimate goal of Policesitewatch.org Virus is to deceive as many computer users as possible, so the content of Policesitewatch.org differs according to the region. The deceitful notification contains the emblems of local or international law enforcement agencies, which have supposedly issued the warning. However, the presents of different logos representing authoritative institutions does not mean that the warning is really associated with FBI, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Europol or any other institution presented.

According to the Policesitewatch.org Virus, you have to pay a certain amount of money in order to prevent further legal actions. Since the warnings of Policesitewatch.org Virus vary, you may obliged to pay $300 or €100, depending on your location. In order to pay the fine, you are supposed to use Ukash, Paysafecard or MoneyPak, which also depends on your location. The same payment methods are used by screen locks, which are Trojan horses that disable the user’s access to the system and display full-screen warnings. The threats that use the same deceptive strategies include FBI virus, Guardia Civil virus, Cyber Command of Georgia Virus and many others. All the ransom warnings that are distributed by Trojan horses contain the emblems of authoritative institutions, which are supposed to scare computer users into following the requirements that they are provided with. Policesitewatch.org Virus is not an exception. The warning is a hoax, so pay no attention to its content but take sure that the system is protected from dangerous computer threats, such as Trojan horses, rogue anti-virus programs, browse hijackers and other infections.

In order to remove Policesitewatch.org Virus, follow the instructions below. It is also advisable to clear your browsing history and browser cache.

Remove Policesitewatch.org Virus


  1. Move the mouse pointer to the lower-right corner.
  2. Right-click on the Taskbar.
  3. Select Task Manager.
  4. Open the Processes tab.
  5. Select iexplere.exe, firefox.exe or chrome.exe and click on the End Process button.

Mac OS

  1. Press Command+Option+Esc.
  2. Click on the process of the afflicted browser.
  3. Click Forced Quit.

After you get rid of Policesitewatch.org Virus, implement a reliable scanner to make sure that the system is not affected by any computer threats.

Download Remover for Policesitewatch.org Virus *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.


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