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Plurox is a highly capable backdoor infection that needs no permission to settle in, connect to the Internet, restart with the system, use a victim’s computer to mine cryptocurrencies, etc. Therefore, we highly recommend deleting this malicious application at once if you detect it on your system. Our researchers say users should be able to remove Plurox manually, although the task might not be the easiest. To complete it, victims need to find malicious executable files that could have random names. If this task is a bit too complicated, do not hesitate to employ a reliable security tool instead as well as leave us a comment below requiring for more assistance. As for learning more about this backdoor, we invite you read the rest of our report.

To begin with, we wish to explain how Plurox could enter a device. Our specialists say the malware could be distributed with various malicious data that could reach potential victims via Spam emails, unreliable file-sharing web pages, and so on. Also, after a computer gets infected, the malicious application may try to infect devices connected to the same network. Apparently, the malware may do so by using a particular exploit known as Eternal Blue that was used by WannaCry Ransomware, an infection that attacked computer’s worldwide.

Eternal Blue exploits a weakness in Microsoft’s implementation of the Server Message Block protocol. Microsoft had released patches for operating systems that with this vulnerability back in 2017 when WannaCry Ransomware attacks started. If for some reason your operating system does not have the patch for this weakness yet, we recommend downloading it from Microsoft’s website at once. Also, it is advisable to keep away from unreliable data obtained from the Internet, such as suspicious email attachments, pirated software installers, data promoted on questionable pop-ups, etc. Besides, the system would be more secure if you had a reliable security tool to guard it against various threats.

As mentioned earlier, Plurox is a backdoor, a malicious application often used for securing remote access to a system. After it settles in, our researchers say it may connect to its developer’s server from which the malicious application may download three plugins with particular functions called: mines, UPnP, and SMB. The first plugin is used to mine cryptocurrencies. For this process, the malware may have to use a lot of computer’s resources, which could slow down its performance. The second plugin could be used to attack the local network and gain access to it. As for the third plugin, our specialists tell it might be used to distribute Plurox to other computers connected on a local network as we explained earlier. No doubt, a threat with such capabilities could cause its victims a lot of trouble, and so it is crucial to get rid of it as fast as possible.

There are a couple of ways to remove Plurox from a computer. The first option is to find its data and delete it manually. The task may not sound difficult, but, in reality, it could be much more challenging. If you still want to try to eliminate the backdoor manually, you should use the instructions located below. The other way should be much easier as all you would have to do is install a reliable security tool, scan your computer with it, and then click its provided deletion button.

Get rid of Plurox

  1. Tap Ctrl+Alt+Delete.
  2. Pick Task Manager.
  3. Select the Processes tab.
  4. Look for a process associated with the malware.
  5. Select the process and click End Task.
  6. Leave Task Manager.
  7. Tap Win+E.
  8. Go to these locations:
  9. Find malicious executable files that might have random names, right-click them, and select Delete.
  10. Close File Explorer.
  11. Empty Recycle Bin.
  12. Restart the computer.
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