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If you are using the services of Playsides and visit its official online gaming website, we recommend that you act cautiously with third party software you may be introduced to. Even though our researchers have discovered no security risks related to the website itself, it could be a completely different story with programs which do not correspond to company’s Privacy Policy. For example, the infamous Gaming Wonderland Toolbar is considered to be quite unreliable and so running it on the computer is not recommended at any point. So, when do you need to delete Playsides related software?

As research shows, Playsides is owned and operated by Secco Media. When connected to you are promised free access to thousands of online games which are put in different categories. For example, you can find games in such categories as Action, Board Games, Driving, Dress-Up, etc. You can also use the portal to find different games. Unfortunately, even the most authentic and reputable sites cannot save you from certain virtual security risks. As mentioned before, Playsides is affiliated to the Gaming Wonderland Toolbar. It has been researched that this application acts as a browser hijacker because it sets automatic home page and search provider modifications. If you do not want to be greeted by search tools you should be extra cautious when installing this toolbar.

Another risk which you should be aware of is online advertising. is affiliated to third party advertisers and supports certain banner adverts which you may discover when playing the games or just browsing through the website. These ads may link you to unfamiliar sites; however, this is done at your own risk. Secco Media is in no way involved with the activity of the sites or the promotion you may be introduced to, and all malicious activity which you are likely to face is linked to the third parties who stand behind. To mute these ads you can install a reliable ad-blocker, or better yet, acquire a legitimate security tool which could ensure that by clicking on random ads you would face no risks.

Automatic malware detection and removal software can save you a lot of trouble. Click the download button below, install a reputable Windows security tool and you will not need to worry about any virtual security risks in the future. If you wish to learn how to remove Playsides related software you should leave us a comment below. All in all, you must remember that in order to enjoy services you need to ensure the protection of your operating system first.

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