Pig4444 Ransomware Removal Guide

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Pig4444 Ransomware encrypts all files located on the device with a strong encryption algorithm. Including data belonging to the operating system, which means the system could crash the minute the malware finishes its task. It is rather strange as, usually, hackers try to ensure the infected system remains bootable so the victim could read the displayed ransom note and pay a ransom. In other words, we doubt the malicious application was supposed to work this way, which is why we do not think it is going to be distributed widely. If you came across Pig4444 Ransomware and you would like to learn more about it we encourage you to read our full article. In it, we will discuss details like how the malware could be distributed, how it works upon entering the system, and what you should do if it infects your device.

Usually, threats like Pig4444 Ransomware travel with malicious software installers, unreliable advertisements, or other doubtful content from the Internet. Thus, if you want to protect your system from such malicious applications, you should never download files or interact with ads if you are not sure such content can be trusted. Always pay attention to the warnings displayed by your browser as they can stop you from entering malicious web pages. Also, we recommend being careful with files that come from Spam emails, unreliable file-sharing websites, and so on. Each time you receive questionable files, you should scan them with a reliable security tool of your choice. It is probably the easiest way to identify dangerous files without harming your system.

The system should not crash right away, as Pig4444 Ransomware might take some time to encrypt user’s files. As said earlier, the threat enciphers all files, including data belonging to Windows. During this process, each file should receive the .Pig4444 extension. Afterward, the threat should drop a text file called HOW TO BACK YOUR FILES.txt. Inside of it, there is a text stating the user can get his files back, but he needs to contact the malware’s developers via provided email addresses (China.helper@aol.com and China.helper@india.com). Pig4444 Ransomware’s note should also mention the user would have to pay for receiving the needed decryption tools. Unfortunately, our researchers say the decryption might be not possible because of the encrypted system files.

Nonetheless, it does not mean your files are lost forever. Perhaps you back up your data often and keep the copies somewhere safe, for example, on a removable media device or cloud storage? Also, you may have unintentional backup copies. What we mean is photos on your social media accounts, files sent via email, etc. In such a case, you could transfer/download them onto the device. Of course, first, it is vital to make sure the system is malware-free and functioning properly. Our researchers say the only way to achieve this is to reinstall the operating system. Another thing we recommend is learning from encountering Pig4444 Ransomware. If you do not have a reliable antimalware tool, you should pick one, and if you never back up your files, you should start doing it from now on.

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Pig4444 Ransomware Screenshots:

Pig4444 Ransomware

Pig4444 Ransomware technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1394791371e7b993b6501ef4ed16202b3e424ff72fbb763e6d6fa0291f25fdb57.exe188416 bytesMD5: 6434d3600043c5b22d64837338dcae25

Memory Processes Created:

# Process Name Process Filename Main module size
1394791371e7b993b6501ef4ed16202b3e424ff72fbb763e6d6fa0291f25fdb57.exe394791371e7b993b6501ef4ed16202b3e424ff72fbb763e6d6fa0291f25fdb57.exe188416 bytes


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