PetrWrap Ransomware Removal Guide

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PetrWrap Ransomware is a particularly dangerous computer infection that aims to affect corporate systems, thus targeting companies rather than individual users. It may not be possible to remove PetrWrap Ransomware without a professional help, but you need to know how to recognize potentially risky situations that could lead to malware infections. If you have more questions about this program or any other similar infection that might encrypt your files, please do not hesitate to leave us a query below this description. Our team will reply as soon as possible because your system’s security and your financial stability are our top priorities.

We often mention that sometimes ransomware programs are based on earlier editions, or they can simply be bought in darknet. PetrWrap Ransomware is not for sale, but it is created using the wrapping method, when its developers used another ransomware infection as the base for their application, but they made their program completely independent from its predecessor. Based on the ransom note and the binary codes, PetrWrap Ransomware was modified from the Petya Ransomware infection. Petya Ransomware itself is a RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) program, which means that it is up for sale. It means that the people behind this new program could have bought the original application and then changed according to their liking. Since the method used to create this program is called “Wrapping,” this new infection is called PetrWrap Ransomware, too. As a result, this new program still uses the encryption algorithm employed by the Petya Ransomware (and there still is no public decryption tool for that), but it has its own servers that administers the encryption key distribution and payment handling. Thus, the application functions totally independently from the program it was based on.

The program itself was released into the wild quite recently, as the first infections were reported in March 2017. Unlike most of the ransomware programs that employ spam campaigns for distribution, PetrWrap Ransomware spreads manually. It means that the criminals infect target computers themselves through insecure Remote Desktop Protocol connections. That is why you have to secure your RDP service if you use it for your work purposes. Malware can employ brute force techniques to crack the programs you use and infect your system with PetrWrap Ransomware or any other dangerous application.

Perhaps the most intimidating part of this infection is that it does not even allow your system to load. Normally, a ransomware program will either lock your screen or change your desktop background to display the ransom note. PetrWrap Ransomware, on the other hand, is far more forceful than that. Upon the infection, the program modifies your Master Boot Record and, as a result, the Windows operating system cannot even start. Instead of the Windows startup screen, you see the ransom note that tells you to contact the criminals through the given email address, but of course, that is something you should never know.

Any computer security specialist would recognize immediately that this new infection is associated with Petya Ransomware, and they will help you get rid of PetrWrap Ransomware. To protect your company and your corporate computer system from this program and other similar intruders, you should refer to a security specialist right now, and forget about paying the ransom because that would not solve the problem.

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