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Since computer users are becoming more knowledgeable in the computer security field, rogues like Palladium Antivirus have to boast of state-of-the-art design and functions in order to appeal to the average computer user these days. Palladium Antivirus is a kind of rogue antispyware application that is hard to tell apart from a genuine computer safeguard program. If you think that this rogue cannot cause any damage to your computer, better think again, because Palladium Antivirus comes fully equipped with everything a rogue needs to achieve its purpose.

To put it simply, Palladium Antivirus, just as its name states, masquerades as a legitimate computer security program. Unfortunately, it does not have the ability to detect and delete computer viruses or other types of malware, because it is a computer threat in itself. Rogues like Palladium Antivirus appear with one single purpose in mind and that is stealing your money. Therefore, it is clear that you need to get rid of Palladium Antivirus as soon as possible, because not only does it want to rip you off. This rogue can also considerably slow down your computer performance and cause your system to crash.

Palladium Antivirus belongs to the fake Microsoft Security Essentials scam and it means that it pretends to be a legitimate part of the Windows security system. Palladium Antivirus enters your computer via a Trojan infection. This infection prompts you about the Unknown Win32/Trojan parasite and says that you need to get yourself Palladium Antivirus to perform a full-fledged system scan and then remove the detected threats.

Unfortunately, once you click through the instructions given to you by this infection, you allow Palladium Antivirus to enter your computer and then the real mayhem starts as this rogue floods you with fake security notifications and fake system scan results that are even scarier than the initial Trojan infection notification. However, keep in mind that all of these messages are not real and Palladium Antivirus only wants you to spend your money for nothing.

Rather than doing that and opening your bank account to cyber criminals, you could use this security key to “activate” Palladium Antivirus:


Once the rogue is “activated” it is a lot easier to delete it. Remove Palladium Antivirus with a reliable computer safeguard application. Consequently the computer security program of your choice will prevent other rogues from entering your system in the future.

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