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Osiris Ransomware seems to be a malicious application created by rather greedy cyber criminals who want users to pay a ransom of 2 BTC. Currently, two bitcoins is more than $1500, so we do not imagine that anyone would want to part with such a sum. Especially, when there are no guarantees, the cyber criminals will keep up to their promises. In exchange, they offer to provide you with a decryption tool that is supposed to help you decipher the malware’s encrypted data. Of course, if you have copies of most valuable data placed on an external hard drive, online cloud storage, or somewhere else safe, there is no point in paying the ransom. Thus, for users who do not need the decryption tool or who just refuse to put up with any demands, we recommend removing Osiris Ransomware with the instructions available below the article.

For starters, we should mention that the malware is considered to be a clone of a malicious application called Locky Ransomware. Same as this threat, the new variant seems to be distributed via Spam emails. Therefore, Osiris Ransomware is more likely to attack systems of users who carelessly open doubtful email attachments and do not have reliable antimalware software installed. To protect the computer from such threats in the future, it would be advisable not only to use a legitimate security tool but also stay away from suspicious Spam emails, especially if they come from an unknown source.

When you download the infected file and open it, Osiris Ransomware should begin encrypting your private data, e.g. photographs, pictures, videos, text files, other documents, and so on. The affected files should have modified titles with additional random parts and also the .osiris extension. Once all the targeted data goes through these changes and the encryption process, the malicious application should replace your background image. Additionally, it may place randomly titled HTML files with the ransom note too.

Furthermore, the ransom note does not provide information on how to transfer the money for the decryption tool, but it provides a link to a website that contains more precise instructions. It says you have to “send 2.00 BTC” to a provided Bitcoin address, then wait till you are able to download the decryption tool. Since two bitcoins is not a small amount of money (approximately $1500), we advise against paying the ransom. There are no guarantees the tool will be delivered and if something goes from the money would be lost for nothing.

Users who choose to erase the malicious application could check the removal instructions available little below and eliminate Osiris Ransomware manually. The instructions will tell you what files should be deleted and where the malware might have placed them. If it looks too confusing, there is another way to deal with the infection too. Simply install a trustworthy security tool, set it to scan the system and click the deletion button once it detects all possible threats, including the malware. Also, if you have some questions, we could answer them if you leave us a comment below or write us through social media.

Remove Osiris Ransomware

  1. Access the File Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Find this location: %USERPROFILE%\[user name]
  3. Search for a picture named as DesktopOSIRIS.bmp, right-click it and press Delete.
  4. Check possible locations where you might have downloaded the infected file (e.g. Temporary Files, Downloads, Desktop, and so on).
  5. Right-click such file and choose Delete.
  6. Close the Explorer.
  7. Empty the Recycle Bin.
Download Remover for Osiris Ransomware *
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Osiris Ransomware Screenshots:

Osiris Ransomware
Osiris Ransomware
Osiris Ransomware


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