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Do you have your favorite radio station, or do you need something to help you go through the tons of radio apps that you can find online? Perhaps Online Radio Finder Tab would sound like a good solution, but cybersecurity experts say that this application is a potentially unwanted program. Thus, if you added this extension to your browser willingly, perhaps you can keep it there, but if Online Radio Finder Tab entered unexpectedly and you don’t even know how this app reached you, perhaps it’s time you remove it for good. For the manual removal instructions, scroll down to the bottom of this report.

The extension has several official sources, and if you reach those websites (including the Chrome Web Store), you can read more about the product and what it can do. The main promotional lines say that with this app, you can “search and access popular radio quick links instantly from your new tab page.” It also means that Online Radio Finder Tab modifies your new tab settings when the extension is added to your browser. It also says that this extension provides you with:

-          Links to the top and most popular radio providers.

-          Quicklinks to shopping and commonly used social sites.

-          Convenient web search powered by Yahoo!

If that weren’t enough, the extension will “also prompt you daily with access to the most popular radio providers as well as personalized weather forecasts to get your day started.” Now, maybe that would be a good idea if it weren’t so intrusive. To provide you with local weather forecasts, the app needs to know your location. It probably gets it from your browser because it gets to read your browsing history and other things when it gets added. But the point is that Online Radio Finder Tab could easily share that information with third parties, and you can’t tell where it might end up.

It is really doubtful whether the functionality of Online Radio Finder Tab is so good that it outweighs the potential security issues. Also, what’s the point of using the extension to reach a search engine when you can simply set the search engine you like as your default search provider without a mediator in between? Online Radio Finder Tab’s redirecting your searches to Yahoo! Search just means that the app gets to read your browsing history and collect information on your likes and preferences.

Later on, it allows Online Radio Finder Tab to generate custom commercial ads and show them whenever you browse the web. It could give you the impression that the content that interests you is a lot easier to reach, but there’s no guarantee that the content you see is safe. Online Radio Finder Tab only delivers, but it doesn’t review or double-check. Hence, to avoid a list of potential security threats, you should stay away from these ads and other content that hasn’t been screened.

The best way to avoid it, of course, is by removing Online Radio Finder Tab and other potentially unwanted programs that could be running on your PC right now. For Online Radio Finder Tab and other Chrome extensions, you can use the removal guidelines right below this entry. For programs that need to be removed via Control Panel, you can delete them either manually or with a security tool of your choice. You should also consider scanning your PC with a reliable scanner to see if you haven’t missed anything. And finally, be more attentive when you browse the web and don’t interact with pop-ups and ads that are bound to offer unreliable products.

How to Remove Online Radio Finder Tab

  1. Launch Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and go to Settings.
  3. Click Advanced at the bottom of the page.
  4. Press Restore settings to their original defaults at the bottom.
  5. Press Reset settings on the pop-up box to confirm.
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Online Radio Finder Tab


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