Nuclear Ransomware Removal Guide

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If you ever discover a program called Nuclear Ransomware active on your personal computer, make sure not to waste any time and conduct its complete removal right away. It is paramount to do so since this application is yet another application designed to encrypt vast amounts of data on the affected computer. Ransomware programs are usually crafted by cyber crooks for a sole purpose of making illegal profits. The scheme is quite simple; once your data is no longer accessible, the developers of this program demands a ransom in return for decryption services. As you can imagine, having a program that functions in such a way, could have devastating outcomes. In our article, we present further detailed information regarding the overall functionality of this malware. Furthermore, we provide virtual security tips along with a comprehensive removal guide that you must use to delete Nuclear Ransomware without encountering any major problems.

Nuclear Ransomware starts acting as soon as it gains full access to your operating system. Before doing anything to your data, this malicious piece of software terminates all of your shadow copies, so they could not be used to restore the encrypted files. After that is done, this invasive application will scan your entire hard drive for its contents. Once all of that is done, this ransomware will start the encryption procedure. Malware developers have consciously made this process quick and completely silent. Therefore, most of the users are blindsided by this malicious program and only realize that it is up and fully running on their PC when it is too late. During the encryption, all the data is locked using a robust cipher, which eliminates any possibility of manual decryption. Each affected file is tagged with the .[].nuclear extension. Further analysis has revealed that the malware in question does not lock files that are essential to your operating system's overall functionality. As soon as your data is no longer accessible, you will notice a ransom note. It provides all the information about what has happened and demands the users to contact developers of this program for further instructions on how they can regain access to their files. Our malware experts highly advise you to refrain from engraining with cyber crooks since they are in no way legally obliged to unlock your data even if you make the payment; thus, you could lose not only valuable files but a large sum of money as well. To delete Nuclear Ransomware as quickly as possible, be sure to use the detailed removal instructions that we present below.

If you consider yourself to be a security-conscious user, you must take appropriate measures to have a fully secure operating system at all times. It is critical that you start practicing safe browsing habits; by doing so, you will dramatically reduce the risk of obtaining a malicious executable file. Since in the majority of cases Nuclear Ransomware and other similar programs are spread via spam email campaigns, it is paramount to avoid any suspicious attachments that are sent to you by questionable or unidentified sources. Additionally, we recommend refraining yourself from all unauthorized third-party download web pages as they are notorious for hosting bundled installers which could consist of devious and even malicious applications. Furthermore, you must be notified about various misleading and otherwise hoax marketing techniques that cyber crooks employ to trick naive Interment users into downloading their dubious software. Thus, it is critical to always learn about a program as much as you can before obtaining it. Lastly, but most importantly, to have a fully secure operating system at all times, you must have a professional antimalware tool active on your PC. By practicing safe browsing habits along with a reliable antimalware tool, you will be able to maintain a fully secure operating at all times.

By now it should be more than obvious why a complete removal of Nuclear Ransomware is a must. Make use of the instructions below to get rid of it in just a few simple steps. To be on the safe side, we advise you to double-check your operating system for anything associated with Nuclear Ransomware as soon as you are done with the instructions below. It is important to do so because leftovers of this malware could prove to be quite intrusive. For example, just a few traces might be capable of restoring Nuclear Ransomware silently. In other situations, those same leftovers might be just enough for this malware to continue its functionality. If you happen to find the manual analysis for traces of Nuclear Ransomware a bit too complicated, make sure to scan your PC with a licensed antimalware tool because it can detect and delete anything linked to this malicious programs automatically.

How to remove Nuclear Ransomware from your PC

  1. Open your File Explorer.
  2. Go to C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming.
  3. Select a file called HELP.hta and tap Delete on your keyboard.
  4. Click the Windows button.
  5. Type regedit into the search box and tap Enter.
  6. Go to KEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run.
  7. Select a registry value called DECRYPTINFO and tap Delete on your keyboard.
  8. Right-click your Recycle Bin and then select Empty Recycle Bin.
Download Remover for Nuclear Ransomware *
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Nuclear Ransomware

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