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Nransom Ransomware is a new screen-locking malware, so it is impossible not to notice its entrance. If it ever slithers onto your computer, you will find a window with a message and pictures of a fictional animation character Thomas the Tank Engine on your screen. As you will soon find out, this window cannot be removed easily. Additionally, it is impossible to move it too since it goes full-screen. The only way to make it gone is to kill the malicious process of Nransom Ransomware after accessing Desktop and launching Task Manager. Unfortunately, it will not be enough to do this. The ransomware infection might place the window on your screen again if you ever launch it accidentally, so it is very important to remove all components that belong to this malicious application. We will tell you more about this after we provide you with more information about Nransom Ransomware. You will also find the removal guide right below this article – we encourage you to use it because all removal steps have to be performed in a certain order.

Nransom Ransomware does not belong to the crypto-malware category. That is, it does not lock users’ files seeking to obtain money from them. Instead, it is a screenlocker that opens a window on Desktop.  As it will become clear after reading the message it contains, Nransom Ransomware does not want your money in any form. It forces victims to send 10 nude pictures to its author. You cannot send random pictures taken from the web because they will have to pass verification before the unlock code that can unlock the screen is sent to you. Do not even think about sending your personal pictures to cyber criminals because they will sell it on the deep web, which means that they might end up in anyone’s hands. We are sure you do not want this happen to you. Frankly speaking, you do not even need to send those pictures to crooks because you could access your Desktop without the unlock code and then delete the ransomware infection fully from your computer. As a consequence, do not even bother writing emails to cyber criminals either even though you are, first of all, told to send an email to

It is hard to say how Nransom Ransomware slithers onto users’ computers, but, according to researchers working at, there is a huge possibility that users contribute to its entrance themselves in most cases. For example, malware might enter users’ computers if they keep opening malicious attachments from spam emails. Also, we are not surprised at all that you have ended up with Nransom Ransomware if you often download various applications from random P2P websites. Last but not least, you could have ended up with this infection after clicking on some kind of malicious link. Once this threat infiltrates computers, it creates a process with the nRansom description in Task Manager. This is the reason why the opened window cannot be closed so easily. Much more harmful threats exist, so you should stop opening spam emails, downloading software from dubious websites, and clicking on suspicious links. Additionally, our last piece of advice for you would be to enable a security application on the system. It must stay enabled at all times if you do not want to discover new nasty threats on your system.

If you decide to remove Nransom Ransomware manually, you should follow our manual removal guide – you will find it provided below. It is very important not to skip any steps if you do not want to find a screen-locking window opened on your Desktop ever again. First of all, you need to access your Desktop and, from there, open Task Manager. Then, you will need to kill the malicious process and delete the malicious file. Finally, it would be best that you erase all recently downloaded files from your computer. Install a security application on your computer immediately after you erase this ransomware infection – it will protect your system against a bunch of new malicious applications.

Delete Nransom Ransomware

  1. Tap Alt+Tab on your keyboard.
  2. Access Desktop.
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  4. Click Processes.
  5. Find a suspicious process that has the nRansom description.
  6. Right-click it and select Open File Location.
  7. Right-click it again and select End Process/Task.
  8. Close Task Manager.
  9. Delete the malicious file from the opened location.
  10. Remove all recently downloaded suspicious files.
  11. Right-click on your Recycle Bin and click Empty Recycle Bin.
Download Remover for Nransom Ransomware *
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Nransom Ransomware

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