Novter Botnet Removal Guide

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Cybercriminals behind Novter Botnet are preying upon Windows operating systems, whose owners are not careful enough and not educated enough. That is because they rely on a misleading advertisement and, quite possibly, a fictitious update to trick users. Malvertising is quite prevalent these days, and misleading pop-ups, banners, or interstitial ads can be used to, for example, scam people into disclosing private details or trick them into downloading something malicious. That is how the Novter Trojan is spread, and if it enters your operating system, your virtual security could be jeopardized. The resources of your system could also be used to perform larger attacks targeted at companies, organizations, or governments. Although there is no information about that happening yet, you do not want to wait. Instead, you want to delete Novter Botnet-related malware immediately.

Were you tricked into letting Novter Trojan in, when you were asked to update Adobe Flash? That is one of the options, but cybercriminals might come up with various tricks to fool you into letting the infection in. Initially, a malicious .hta file is downloaded, and it is responsible for loading script and then running a malicious PowerShell script. In the past, it was downloaded from as a .js file, but that is no longer the case. The attackers behind Novter Botnet are well experienced because they had plenty of practice with the infamous Kovter Botnet. Therefore, it would be naive of us to think that they would stick to the same download source and then seize all operations once it was deactivated. They could be using all kinds of download sources to hide their tracks, and we should not expect for the attacks to seize any time soon. Once the attackers run the malicious PowerShell script, the system’s defenses might be lowered because it can disable Windows Defender and stop Windows updates. Of course, it is most important for the script to execute the Novter Trojan into the system’s memory. That is because the infection is fileless.

Also known as Nodersok or Divergent, the Novter Trojan has basic functions that allow the attackers to do all kinds of things. These functions include downloading and deleting files, killing and running processes, as well as recording and leaking information. This could be used to stop and even remove antivirus tools, as well as download miners, keyloggers, Trojans, and other kinds of malicious threats. Ultimately, it is difficult to say how exactly this dangerous Trojan would work and how the attackers behind the Novter Botnet could exploit access to your operating system. Unfortunately, figuring out whether or not you have been connected to this botnet might be hard, and you might not be able to identify malware in time. Hopefully, you perform routine system scans, and you are vigilant enough to notice even the slightest irregularities within your operating system, such as slower system’s performance, random crashes, or the activity of unfamiliar applications. If you are ever suspicious, do not ignore your gut feeling. Also, do not expect that your system will remain safe if you do not take care of it yourself.

The guide below shows how to delete files from the %TEMP% directory. We recommend doing this because that is where the malicious .js file is likely to exist. This directory does not contain files that you need to save, and so you can remove them all just to make sure that you are successful. Of course, we cannot guarantee that this will be enough to remove Novter Botnet-related malware. The Trojan might have other components, and additional threats could have been downloaded onto your computer without your notice. Due to this, you should consider employing anti-malware software. It would automatically scan the system and delete Novter malware, which is what you want. Additionally, it would secure your system to keep it guarded against new infections and attacks, and that is another thing you want.

How to delete Novter Botnet

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping keys Win+E.
  2. Enter %temp% into the quick access field at the top.
  3. Delete all .js files or, better yet, select and Delete all files.
  4. Empty Recycle Bin to complete removal.
  5. Install a reliable and legitimate malware scanner.
  6. Run a full system scan and delete any leftovers that might be found.
Download Remover for Novter Botnet *
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