No_More_Ransom Ransomware Removal Guide

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The .no_more_ransom extension appended to all those files that are impossible to open clearly shows that No_More_Ransom Ransomware has been installed on the system. Specialists already know how it is usually distributed. Theoretically, users can download it from the web themselves (needless to say, they do not know that the downloaded software is malware until they launch it), but, usually, users end up with the ransomware infection after opening a malicious email attachment. If you can swear that you have not downloaded any new program recently and have not launched any attachment, there is a possibility that No_More_Ransom Ransomware has been dropped on your PC by cyber criminals. Crooks perform searches to discover RDP connections that can be hacked easily periodically and then install malware after the hack. Needless to say, No_More_Ransom Ransomware acts the same in all the cases. To be more specific, you will find a bunch of files locked on your computer. These include your documents, pictures, music, and other personal files. Just like its predecessor, Rapid Ransomware, this infection has been developed to obtain money from users. You should not give crooks what they want. Yes, it might be the only way to get files back, but we cannot promise that you will get the decryptor from cyber criminals too, so sending money to them is nowhere near clever. In our opinion, the immediate removal of No_More_Ransom Ransomware is what you should opt to.

No_More_Ransom Ransomware will mercilessly lock files on your PC if it ends up on it. All of them will get the .no_more_ransom extension, and, on top of that, you will notice that it is impossible to access any of them. This threat is not as simple as it may seem to be. Once launched, it copies itself to %APPDATA%. To be more specific, you will find a new file named info.exe there. Even though this file does not look dangerous at first glance, we can assure you that it is – delete it from the system immediately. No_More_Ransom Ransomware also drops recovery.txt to the %APPDATA% folder and places How Recovery Files.txt in every affected folder on the computer. As you already know, No_More_Ransom Ransomware mercilessly locks files on victims’ computers, so do not be surprised that the ransom note will inform you about that “All your files have been ENCRYPTED.” Unfortunately, there is nothing easy about decrypting files locked by ransomware infections because these threats encrypt personal files using strong ciphers. This is the reason so many users decide to purchase the decryptor from cyber criminals. If you contact cyber criminals behind No_More_Ransom Ransomware by sending a message to the provided email address, you will find out how much money cyber criminals want from you in exchange for the decryptor. Most likely, it will not be cheap at all. Not all the users get the decryptor from crooks. We cannot promise that you will be one of those lucky users who get it and can use it to unlock affected files, so we highly recommend that you do not spend money on it. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it was possible to restore encrypted files only from a backup.

No_More_Ransom Ransomware is not the most sophisticated malware for sure, but it copies itself to %APPDATA% so that it could not be removed easily. It should not be too difficult to erase this infection, but, believe us, you might encounter another extremely sophisticated threat in the near future if you do not do anything to strengthen your system’s security. We do not expect you to become a pro overnight. Instead, we highly recommend that you install a security application on your computer. It will protect you against all kinds of malicious applications, even those considered the most harmful ones.

No files will be unlocked for you even if you delete No_More_Ransom Ransomware fully, but you must still erase this threat in order to be sure that it cannot perform any other malicious activities on your system. You will disable it only by deleting all its components. You can erase them all manually, or you can leave this job for an automated malware remover. The choice is yours.

Delete No_More_Ransom Ransomware

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Type %APPDATA% in the URL bar and then tap Enter to open it.
  3. Delete info.exe.
  4. Delete recovery.txt.
  5. Access %Windir%\System32\Tasks.
  6. Remove the task named Ecrypter[random_symbol].
  7. Erase How Recovery Files.txt from all the directories on your PC.
  8. Erase all suspicious files downloaded recently.
  9. Empty Trash.
Download Remover for No_More_Ransom Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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No_More_Ransom Ransomware

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