Nmcrypt Ransomware Removal Guide

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Nmcrypt Ransomware is a new version of NM4 Ransomware. We do not say that it belongs to the popular malware category, but it might still cause huge problems to you if it ever illegally enters your computer because it will immediately lock your personal files. Cyber criminals are well aware of the fact that users are not going to send money to them if they leave their important files intact, so they have developed this ransomware infection to lock pictures, documents, and a bunch of other files users consider valuable. You will be told that you can only unlock those files with the special decryptor that you can purchase directly from cyber criminals. Of course, you should not do this because the chances are high that you will not get anything from them. We are not going to lie – it might be impossible to unlock files affected by this ransomware infection without the special tool because this infection also deletes all Shadow Volume Copies of those affected files so that they could not be restored for free. Either way, you must remove Nmcrypt Ransomware from your computer completely because it might mercilessly encrypt all other files it finds too. It cannot start working on system startup automatically, but you might launch it again yourself accidentally.

It will not take long for you to find out about the successful entrance of Nmcrypt Ransomware – you will find a bunch of files encrypted. If you can locate .nmcrypt appended to each of these files, there is no doubt that this infection is the one that has locked your data. You should also be able to find a file Recovers your files.html on your computer after its successful entrance. This file is a ransom note that, first, explains to users what has happened to their files (“All your files are encrypted. Using AES256-bit encryption and RSA-2048-bit encryption”) and then informs users that they could not unlock any of their files “without the correct private key.” It can be bought from cyber criminals. Users need to open one of the provided .onion links (this can only be done with the Tor browser) and then follow the payment instructions. We suspect that the decryptor will be quite expensive, and since there are no guarantees that you will get it from cyber criminals, you should keep your money. Free decryption software is not available since Nmcrypt Ransomware executes the vssadmin.exe Delete Shadows /All /Quiet command to delete Shadow Volume Copies too, which means that the only way to get files back is to restore them from a backup. Of course, if you have never backed up a single personal file, you could not restore any encrypted files.

Nmcrypt Ransomware should be spread using well-known distribution methods, specialists say. To be more specific, it is very likely that it is also mainly spread via spam emails. It is not the first infection distributed via malicious spam emails, so do not go anywhere near them if you do not want to find malware on your computer. It is very important that you do not download any suspicious applications from the web too because you might let malware to enter your system. There is one more thing our security specialists recommend doing for users who want to stay safe – installing security software. As long as the security application is installed on your computer and working, no malware could illegally enter your system. You should acquire and install a trustworthy security application right after you delete Nmcrypt Ransomware because a new nasty infection might enter your system the next day.

There are only two removal steps you will need to perform to delete Nmcrypt Ransomware from your system completely in a manual way. First, remove all suspicious files you have downloaded recently. We are sure there is the ransomware launcher between them, and it must be removed from the system as soon as possible so that Nmcrypt Ransomware could not launch again. On top of that, you should remove the ransom note Recovers your files.html dropped by this infection. You should find it on your Desktop. You can also delete all components belonging to the ransomware infection automatically, i.e. you can scan your system with automated malware removal software instead.

Delete Nmcrypt Ransomware

  1. Open Windows Explorer by pressing two buttons Win+E on your keyboard.
  2. Access the Downloads folder and delete all suspicious files from it.
  3. Remove suspicious files from your Desktop.
  4. Delete Recovers your files.html.
  5. Empty Trash.
Download Remover for Nmcrypt Ransomware *
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