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Nice Day Extension promises it can show current temperature, wind speed, and other weather conditions according to the user’s location, but a lot of users are complaining the extension fails to provide a consistent forecast. Moreover, the application’s creators claim the user can customize the plugin’s appearance, but according to our specialists who tested it such features do not seem to exist. Under such circumstances, it is no wonder it was decided to categorize it as a potentially unwanted program. If you read the rest of our article, we will tell more about Nice Day Extension and explain why it cannot be trusted. At the end of the article, we will also place our recommended removal steps that should help users who wish to get rid of this potentially unwanted program manually. In case, you want to ask anything else about this suspicious plugin or need more help with its deletion keep it in mind you can add a comment at the end of this page as well.

One of the places where users can download this doubtful application is Chrome Web Store page, although given there are so many negative reviews and the tools rating is only 2.64 stars out of five at the moment of writing we doubt anyone would like to download such a plugin. After reading some of the reviews, we noticed most of them claim Nice Day Extension cannot show actual weather as some users even compared its provided information with other web pages showing weather forecasts and it did not match. Moreover, there are also reviews claiming the plugin cannot remember user’s preference or locations. After testing Nice Day Extension, our researchers did not find any customization settings even though the description promises the user would be able to “select different weather icons, fonts and Custom background color.”

Furthermore, users should know it is possible the potentially unwanted program could show suspicious third-party advertising content. Apparently, the extensions creators may generate advertising revenue from it. Unfortunately, as for you clicking such material might cause trouble. That is because the ads might come from various third parties, which means they could promote just about anything. For example, the advertisements may even have links to scam web pages, sites offering adware, browser hijackers, or different potentially unwanted programs, and so on. Of course, we cannot be sure about this, but there is a risk it might appear to be true, and users should know about it. In any case, given the application does not seem to be working as it should we do not think you could enjoy it and if you do not want to take any chances, we would recommend not to install it. On the other hand, if you already added Nice Day Extension, we can help you get rid of it.

Provided, the potentially unwanted program works only on Google Chrome the instructions located at the end of this text will only show how to remove it from this particular browser. For users who do not want to erase Nice Day Extension manually, we would recommend installing a reliable security tool. Then the user should perform a full system scan and simply press the deletion button that should be provided after the scan. The best part is this way you can strengthen the system as the chosen antimalware tool may warn you about future threats and help you avoid them.

Eliminate Nice Day Extension

  1. Press ALT+F and select Settings.
  2. Click on More tools and pick Extensions.
  3. Find the unwanted plugin.
  4. Press the trash bin button near it.
  5. Select Remove.
Download Remover for Nice Day Extension *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

Nice Day Extension Screenshots:

Nice Day Extension
Nice Day Extension
Nice Day Extension

Nice Day Extension technical info for manual removal:

Files Modified/Created on the system:

# File Name File Size (Bytes) File Hash
1weather.css578 bytesMD5: 276dcaf5837610a84e8b7d017e2f7cde
2weatherCom.js12107 bytesMD5: fd4cd35e5735f8185cb8c0492bc782e6
3sogou.js220 bytesMD5: 6fb12dec120c36a731181760e93bc23e
4manifest.json8976 bytesMD5: 8f67aa8f72becb8adcf80a745130fbe4
5bing.js82 bytesMD5: c3881117097408f651361f578cd8432b
6qqnews.js338 bytesMD5: 038ce05a04f846c781bd70dc1bcca84b
7ifeng.js538 bytesMD5: 22dde6f95ed9eb56dd24bace1cc2bb48
8soso.js422 bytesMD5: d0a614cd894807c06e40be5185b5e9c2
9message.js1930 bytesMD5: 2396e62e6a3e89c8c24a5950b2a2662e
10twitter.css180 bytesMD5: 7985827ce869fed0d830ed18be9e3c9e
11youtube.css405 bytesMD5: aba5734ff730706f6325d0775b8b600c
12linkedin.css200 bytesMD5: af8e0a0bc3fd26e4a275ccffdbffdbdd
13a.js369 bytesMD5: a70f71fa07720f819e62161e55157cde
14manager.js4610 bytesMD5: 25fe6de46906bbe3707b3855300b817d
15pop.html360 bytesMD5: 96a67789a815e17e9150717771d6c251
16google.js73 bytesMD5: a3d68a21d0accd3da1811adb63c1db7c
17verified_contents.json13493 bytesMD5: bb2e6cef0506ad912b477ac6b303cc23
18jquery-1.7.2.min.js94840 bytesMD5: b8d64d0bc142b3f670cc0611b0aebcae
19message.html136 bytesMD5: 9d5cb558da019eb18381bda8de80f662
20tencent.js127 bytesMD5: 12ea833a2df89d786f03a89dfb40e988
21tencent.css332 bytesMD5: a58a6d0bc33463c6cbb87e46198d0de7
22163.js108 bytesMD5: 43c50626a01a74fa3a4a2811c83a1426
2348.png2865 bytesMD5: ee2d4b677f2ab22338101257a3f3a199
24index.html85 bytesMD5: ec6aa11d9f8a315894d419f8d3494f7e
25128.png7251 bytesMD5: 767269a0956f3cbded6f4b8026a85f10
26linkedin.js143 bytesMD5: ef46a406589b774eeaadf34d60dc40ef
27image.js695 bytesMD5: 83e6075328ceac6c327882764ed7b1b7
28youtube.js266 bytesMD5: 94a071078817a83a7843a7cb2c2c0d31
29youku.js698 bytesMD5: db21257e4abd282e235d2b653741994d
30messages.json246 bytesMD5: 97cbaded6ed50126e2a74af7e41cf4f5
31weibo.js211 bytesMD5: 0601acdd0153203a3a22db83b39d9098
32background.js18542 bytesMD5: 179aa244067d4c3b502e6d7a73080280
33googleplus.js248 bytesMD5: 435b34f81ec25fdb4b8e11daf10a7ff5
34client.js7649 bytesMD5: cb72e51b53451195f9d12a6d2684108f
35facebook.js456 bytesMD5: bd9d2acd505ffba94493674df3c76247
36background.html8507 bytesMD5: e910fe8b77f8967933ff5c83e671359c
37twitter.js83 bytesMD5: db5f4dd9ee46111501582a9c34b1312e
38googleplus.css392 bytesMD5: 4efedb87bd9fc554418e1d9702a43bc6
3916.png781 bytesMD5: b9075460a21569b35ef0e349c25a270a
40flickr.js77 bytesMD5: 3505086e2f9109b38fe2cf76031ddf3d
41ku6.js462 bytesMD5: 678440acee2ea73a1e89e209a358fa7c
42flickr.css420 bytesMD5: d88226fe5d68742d6c4573fb4a7cd66e
43common.js236 bytesMD5: 4ba7d6880accb4fb2e8dc98cce83cac4
44computed_hashes.json6151 bytesMD5: 549dc530a4a14263643879e4d8d976f3
4519.png984 bytesMD5: 3a388e6a4203421a55ab56c9efafd618
46facebook.css433 bytesMD5: 5040f756364c1b06728c97062a168c96
47baidu.js484 bytesMD5: 7c1c3ef56e715bce482084f19a987fd9
48bing.css332 bytesMD5: a58a6d0bc33463c6cbb87e46198d0de7

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