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Many users still think that malware targets Windows PCs only, but it is not true. Mysterybot is a perfect example of malware that works on Android devices. Specifically speaking, it should affect those devices that run on two Android versions: Android 7 and Android 8. Researchers have thoroughly analyzed this malicious application to find out more about it. They can now say with confidence that it is a typical banking Trojan. In other words, it has been developed to obtain users’ online banking credentials and then steal money from them. Unfortunately, Android users usually find out about the successful entrance of Mysterybot when it is too late, i.e. when personal details from their devices have already been sent to the C&C server. It is nothing surprising because this infection shows up on users’ Android devices without their permission and works completely in the background. It is not that easy to detect serious malware, so if you suspect that Mysterybot has affected your device, you should not try to find it manually. We recommend scanning the device with an antimalware scanner instead.

As mentioned, Mysterybot has been developed by cyber criminals to steal users’ banking credentials, but it does not limit itself to that, as research has shown. Once it infiltrates the Android device, it gets administrative rights and then starts performing such malicious activities as stealing emails, checking contacts, copying and deleting text messages, making/stopping/forwarding calls, etc. It will also record everything you enter using a keypad, so it will inevitably steal some personal data from you. If you find any unusual banking transactions, contact your bank immediately – cyber criminals behind Mysterybot have already stolen your credentials.

There is one more problem Mysterybot will cause – the chances are high that you will find your files locked in archives and thus could no longer access any of them. Specialists say that Mysterybot might also drop a ransomware infection on affected devices. It should scan the device and then place all valuable files, including documents and images to password-protected ZIP archives. You will not get the password, which means that you could not access any of these files. A message claiming that your files have been locked due to watching pornography might also be displayed to you soon after the entrance of the ransomware infection. This message might also tell you to write an email to the provided email address, but you should not do this if you are sure that you will not send money to malicious software developers because we can guarantee you that they will tell you to send money to them. Unfortunately, nobody knows whether they will give you the password to unlock archived files with.

It has been observed that the majority of users who encounter Mysterybot tend to download applications from unreliable app stores or random websites. It seems that this banking Trojan is usually distributed as fake Adobe Flash Player, so it is not surprising that so many users fall into the cyber criminals’ trap. Our piece of advice for the future would be to download apps from the official Google Play Store only. You should also always read app permissions. If the app requires administrative rights, it should not be installed on the device. Additionally, you should read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before installing a new app, even if you plan to download it from the Play Store on your Android device. Last but not least, you should install security software and keep it enabled on your device to prevent harmful threats from affecting it again in the future.

It might be extremely difficult to delete such a harmful threat as Mysterybot manually, so if you suspect that it has infiltrated your device, you should perform an in-depth scan with an antimalware scanner. Make sure you acquire the scanner that is compatible with Android devices. Be very careful – not all legitimate-looking tools can erase malware and can be trusted 100%.

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