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If you noticed a browser extension called Msoft Update among your browser’s plugins, you should be aware it falls under the classification of potentially unwanted programs. The reason the application was categorized this way is its questionable behavior and the fact it might pretend to be a product of Microsoft. However, we can assure you that the extension was released not by Microsoft, although we cannot name its real creators. To our knowledge the plugin does not provide any tools, so we doubt you will have any use for it. On the contrary, if you keep Msoft Update installed, the potentially unwanted program could make it more difficult for you to search the Internet since it could display irritating advertisements. Under such circumstances, we would encourage users not to take any chances with this doubtful tool. Thus, we are placing our recommended deletions steps to show you how to eliminate this extension.

To begin with, we should mention the extension is compatible only with the Google Chrome browser. Despite this, we could not find Msoft Update on the Google Chrome Web Store page, and so it is entirely possible the potentially unwanted program might be traveling through bundled installers or untrustworthy pop-up advertisements. Either way, its appearance may signalize you do not pay enough attention during the installation process or accept software without finding out whether it is safe for your device to install it. Users who find these tasks difficult could at least get a legitimate antimalware tool that could warn about threats and help you maintain the system secure without you putting a lot of effort.

Msoft Update does not make any dramatic changes to the user’s browser’s appearance, so if you install it accidentally, the application could work without you knowing it is there until you notice the little icon it creates on the browser or check the list of all installed plugins. The potentially unwanted program’s designed button may resemble typical settings icon as it might show a gear picture. Therefore, one could assume it opens Google Chrome’s settings. Of course, if you click it you will learn it belongs to Msoft Update.

The application certainly does not download any updates for the operating system, which makes us question what its real function is. Our specialists believe it could be showing third-party advertising content, although the ads themselves might not appear to have anything related to the plugin. We believe such content might be shown to the user after visiting particular web pages. Also, we think there is a possibility such content could be potentially malicious as we do not know where it might originate from. Naturally, we recommend staying away from such ads or better yet delete this questionable tool as it may help you get rid of this advertising content.

There are two ways to deal with the potentially unwanted program. For starters, you could just access the extensions’ settings on your browser and remove Msoft Update from the list. The other way is to perform a system checkup with a trustworthy security tool of your choice. Since there could be more unwanted applications on the system or even potentially harmful ones, we would recommend the second option more because the antimalware tool would allow you to erase not just the plugin, but also other potential threats.

Eliminate Msoft Update

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Click ALT+F.
  3. Choose More tools and select Extensions.
  4. Select Msoft Update and click the recycle bin button.
  5. Press Remove.
  6. Close the opened tab.
Download Remover for Msoft Update *
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