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If homepages on all browsers have been set to, it must be true that a browser hijacker has successfully entered the computer and changed the old homepage to its own. It has been found that this computer infection has already affected a number of users living in India, Indonesia, Egypt, Brazil, and other countries even though it was only first detected by specialists at the end of December 2016. If you are one of those users who have found set on their browsers, go to delete as soon as possible. Keeping this website in the place of a homepage might result in problems associated with the computer’s security because this web page definitely cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, is a sophisticated browser hijacker, so its removal will be quite a challenging task too. The following two paragraphs are going to tell you more about this threat itself and why it is so important to delete it, whereas the last paragraph of this article is going to focus on the deletion of this browser hijacker.

First of all, let’s make it clear why should be removed from browsers. It might really seem that is a beneficial website at first sight because there are links allowing users to access particular websites quicker and users are provided with interesting content, e.g. best online games. Unfortunately, this is the only useful feature of Evidently, it is more harmful than useful. Therefore, keeping it set on browsers is not recommended. The main risk is associated with ads it displays. They will appear on its main page. Users should stay away from these ads no matter they look harmless because they have a potential of taking people to third-party websites that are untrustworthy. Most probably, the developer of (it is known that these are the same guys who have released YeaPlayer, which is a potentially unwanted program) gets money for users’ clicks and visits to affiliates’ websites; however, users can experience a bunch of problems out of keeping set only.

According to specialists working at, it is very likely that also gathers information about users like a bunch of similar browser hijackers do. It needs this information to be able to provide users’ with interesting advertisements and other content. Unfortunately, it will not keep this information to itself only. It is very likely that it will be sent to affiliates too. This activity performed by the browser hijacker infection does not seem to be dangerous at first, but the truth is that the collection of information about you might result in the violation of your privacy. Unfortunately, is a clone of and, meaning that changes might be applied again to your browsers if you are not careful in the future. Unfortunately, it might be very hard to prevent these infections from slithering onto the computer due to the distribution method employed to spread it.

Researchers have decided to find out more about the distribution of because it is evident that it enters computers illegally. It has become clear after carrying out research that this computer infection is usually dropped by a Trojan. Trojans might pretend to be useful software and wait for users on third-party websites. Of course, it could have entered your system in a different way too, e.g. it could have ended up on your PC after opening an attachment from a spam email. To protect your PC from unauthorized changes, you should install a security application. It will not allow new malicious applications to enter your computer ever again if you activate it and let it stay on your system. differs from threats that are put into the same category to a great extent. Unlike those other browser hijackers, it uses the Windows Management Instrumentation script to appear on browsers. Unfortunately, according to specialists, it means that this browser hijacker could be erased manually only with the help of an external tool. If you do not have much experience in malware removal, you should let an automatic malware remover, such as SpyHunter, to take care of it for you. Click the Download button below to download it.


  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Type in the URL bar and tap Enter.
  3. Download and install an automatic tool.
  4. Scan your computer with it to delete
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*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter. Screenshots:


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