"Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity" +1-844-313-8541 Removal Guide

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“Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541 is a fictitious system alert created by cyber criminals who seek to extort money from inexperienced users. The message tries to convince you that something is wrong with the system. It also urges users to contact the so-called Microsoft certified technician. No doubt that the person who answers the phone is not related to the company. Thus, you should simply ignore the message and get rid of the malicious software that displays it. Even though it might seem that there is nothing you can do, we can suggest at least a couple of ways to eliminate the threat. For instance, users can unlock their screen with the Task Manager and erase it manually while following the recommended removal steps below. As for more information you should continue reading the article.

“Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541 is related with untrustworthy applications that users install while clicking suspicious pop-ups or launching bundled installers. Therefore, if the fake alert locked your screen, it is a sign that the system is vulnerable to malware. Under such circumstances, it is important to update outdated browsers since they might be unable to identify some malicious web pages. Also, it would be smart to get a reliable security tool and do a full system scan. The tool should be regularly updated too because that is the only way it can fight the newest threats.

The aim of the fictitious system alert is to cause panic and make the user call the provided telephone number out of fear. The message in it says that there was a network security breach. To make it sound even worse, the text claims that some attackers could try to steal passwords, details about your banking account, gain access to your email, and so on. If you call the provided support number, the fake technicians might ask you to pay money for their pricey services or products. Thus, if you see “Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541 or a similar fake alert that suggest you call anyone it is better to check the facts instead of making a rash decision, which could result in emptier banking account.

Since “Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541 blocks the screen, it might seem like you cannot access any programs anymore. Luckily, that is not true because if you know the right combination, you can press particular keys and access the Task Manager. With the help of the Task Manager you can kill a process that is responsible for the fictitious alert and eliminate it at once. Afterward, it is advisable to delete the executable file related to this process. If you have a look at the removal steps available below you will learn how to complete these tasks manually on your own.

The other way to get rid of “Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541 fake alert is to unlock the screen with Task Manager, access the Internet and download an antimalware tool. Then, it is recommended to start the system scan and wait until the report with detections appears. Additionally, the antimalware tool will place a removal button that you may click and eliminate all threats.

Remove “Microsoft has detected some suspicious activity” +1-844-313-8541

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select the Task Manager.
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Locate a process called FreeDownloadmanager (32bit).
  4. Mark FreeDownloadmanager (32bit) and click the End Task button.
  5. Close Task Manager and open the Explorer.
  6. Navigate to: C:\users\username\appdata\roaming\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup
  7. Find a file titled as freedownloadmanager.exe, right-click it and select Delete.
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