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Cyber criminals focus on the development of serious threats, including ransomware infections, these days. Matrix-THDA Ransomware is one of the newest infections they have released. We could not say that the infection is very prevalent, but it does not mean that you do not need to be cautious – it can still enter your system illegally. It is impossible not to notice that Matrix-THDA Ransomware has entered the system successfully. Matrix-THDA Ransomware, just like other ransomware infections that belong to the Matrix family, locks files on affected computers right away and then places .rtf files in all affected directories. Of course, users first find out that they cannot open their personal files. You could restore all locked files from a backup if you have their copies, but you should, first of all, remove this ransomware infection from your system fully so that it could not encrypt your personal files once again. Matrix-THDA Ransomware is no doubt a harmful threat, but, surprisingly, you will remove it from your computer quite easily. To be more specific, you will only need to erase the malicious file launched from your system since the threat terminates itself after it finishes encrypting personal files found on the system.

Matrix-THDA Ransomware has been developed and is distributed with the intention of obtaining money from users. This is the reason why it locks files on users’ PCs the second it infiltrates them. If you ever encounter this computer threat, you will find all personal files locked completely. These files include images, music, videos, and documents. You do not need to check every file you have to find out which of them have been locked because those encrypted by Matrix-THDA Ransomware are renamed, for example, they might all look like this: [].09vJnrNN-cdt5aKoK.THDA. Needless to say, you could not open any of these files after they are encrypted by the ransomware infection. The ransom note !README_THDA!.rtf dropped on the system will try to convince you that the decryption of files is as easy as pie with the decryption key and special software. Only cyber criminals behind the threat have them, and they are definitely not going to give them to you free of charge. Once you send your personal ID via email, you should get an answer from cyber criminals with further instructions. Usually, ransomware infections ask users to send money in Bitcoin. There might be no other ways to unlock files if you do not transfer money, but this is not what we recommend that you do if you have found your files locked. There are simply no guarantees that you will get the key and the special decryption tool that can decrypt your files even if you make a payment. Therefore, we would try out all free data recovery tools available on the market first if we were you. Alternatively, you can restore all your files from a backup. You must delete the ransomware infection fully before you fix your encrypted files.

It is hard to say what are the main methods used to spread Matrix-THDA Ransomware, but, according to researchers at, standard methods of distribution should be employed by cyber criminals to promote it. To be more specific, they might send emails with the ransomware infection instead of a normal email attachment to selected users whose emails they have managed to obtain. Also, they might upload this infection to P2P websites and rename it after legitimate software to trick users into downloading malware. Finally, this computer threat might be placed on your PC after successfully hacking your RDP connection, so make sure you set a strong password for it if you use it. Last but not least, there is no doubt that it is easier to hack unprotected computers.

If your computer has been affected by Matrix-THDA Ransomware and your files have been locked, you need to remove this computer threat from your system immediately. You will make sure it cannot lock more personal files on your PC by doing so. Once the ransomware infection is removed, feel free to try out free data recovery tools available or restore your files from a backup you have.

Delete Matrix-THDA Ransomware

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Type %USERPROFILE%\Downloads in the URL bar and press Enter.
  3. Delete all suspicious recently downloaded files.
  4. Check all other directories on your PC and remove !README_THDA!.rtf from all of them.
  5. Empty Recycle Bin.
Download Remover for Matrix-THDA Ransomware *
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Matrix-THDA Ransomware Screenshots:

Matrix-THDA Ransomware
Matrix-THDA Ransomware
Matrix-THDA Ransomware


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