Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner Removal Guide

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Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner is a tool that can be freely downloaded by anyone from the web. Originally, it is not a malicious application, but cyber criminals might also download it from the web and distribute it seeking to earn Siacoin, one of the digital currencies, using users’ computers resources. It is quite a challenge to detect it on the system because it does not have an interface, it is installed on users’ computers illegally, and, finally, it performs all its activities in the background. Of course, we do not say that it is impossible to find out about its entrance without a diagnostic antimalware tool. The majority of users notice that their computers work slower than usual. Yes, it is one of the first signs showing that Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner has successfully entered the system. Undoubtedly, not all users’ computers become sluggish, so we recommend checking Task Manager first if you suspect that this cryptocurrency miner is installed on your computer and working in the background. If you can find a process marlin.exe (in some cases, it might be marlins.exe), you can be sure that this miner is the one responsible that your computer works sluggishly. Remove it right away and everything will get back to normal. Unfortunately, we cannot promise that its removal will be quick and easy because its executable file might be located anywhere. We will tell you in the last paragraph how you can find it. All you need to do for now is to continue reading this article.

The majority of users who find Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner installed on their computers do not know anything about its entrance, so there is no doubt that this cryptocurrency miner is also spread using deceptive methods. Although users are not told anything about its installation, it is still possible to find out about its entrance. As mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, if it is active on the system, you should see its process in Task Manager. Also, it places its executable file somewhere on the system, but since it might be any location, you might never find it. What else shows that Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner is actively working on the system is the decreased speed of the computer. We are not surprised at all that it is one of the first symptoms users notice because it uses the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) resources to mine the Siacoin cryptocurrency. Yes, this miner is mainly used to mine one type of digital currency (Siacoin), but, theoretically, cyber criminals might start spreading it with the intention of earning Bitcoin or other popular digital currencies as wellcf.

Research carried out by our malware researchers at has shown that not all the users download Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner willingly from the web seeking to earn some money. There are many users out there who do not know anything about its entrance, which suggests that it might be spread using deceptive methods too. Most likely, it travels bundled with third-party software, specialists say. There is a bunch of dubious pages promoting untrustworthy software, so be very careful with your downloads starting today. If you know that you are not going to stop downloading new applications from the web, at least enable a security application on your computer. If you keep it active 24/7/365 and install updates periodically, it will protect you from all kinds of threats, even the most dangerous ones.

The Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner removal will not be quick and easy if you decide to erase it manually because you will have to find and kill its process (marlin.exe or marlins.exe) in Task Manager and then remove its executable file. If you have never deleted bad software and do not have much knowledge about computers, you should use the removal guide prepared by specialists at If this removal method is not for you, use an automated malware remover. At the moment, the latter is the quickest/easiest untrustworthy software removal method.

Remove Marlin.exe Siacoin GPU Miner manually

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  2. Open the Processes tab.
  3. Check the list of processes and find marlin.exe (or marlins.exe).
  4. Right-click it and select Open File Location.
  5. Kill the process and go to delete the executable file from the opened directory.
  6. Empty Trash when you finish.
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