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If your screen was locked by the malicious Mancros Ransomware, do not rush to panic about your precious personal files. Although this ransomware pushes you to believe that your files were locked, that is a lie. Your files are not encrypted or removed, and you definitely do not need to pay a ransom of 50 USD to get them back. What you need to do is unlock your screen, and that is not that hard to do. In fact, it is fair to say that you are lucky to have faced this misleading infection because while it does not cause any damage, it reveals that your operating system is not protected reliably. If this ridiculous piece of malware has managed to slither in, your operating system could be corrupted by much more aggressive and dangerous infections in the near future. D2+D Ransomware, VisionCrypt Ransomware, and many other real ransomware threats could attack it and, indeed, encrypt your files. If you continue reading this report, you can learn how to delete Mancros Ransomware and protect your operating system against more serious infections.

Whether you recognize the devious Mancros Ransomware as Mancros+AI4939 Ransomware or Mancrosai4939 Ransomware, you might have let it into your operating system yourself. Our research team could not determine one specific method of proliferation used by this threat, and it is possible that different security backdoors are employed. Real ransomware infections are usually spread using spam emails, where the launcher is represented as a harmless attachment. Of course, Mancros Ransomware could be spread in this way as well, but it also could be bundled with other malicious programs, or it could be installed onto your computer by malware that already exists on your PC. All in all, it is undeniable that your operating system is vulnerable, and it could be corrupted by malware in the future. As mentioned already, the ransomware you are dealing with right now is not really a dangerous threat, and so it should be a real wake-up call for you. If you want to protect your virtual security and your personal files, you must take appropriate measures.

As soon as Mancros Ransomware is executed, it locks your screen using a unique window. This window displays a message that forces you to pay a ransom of 50 USD to get your files back. You are informed that you must pay the ransom in four days if you do not want your files destroyed. Another thing that allegedly can damage files and your computer is you closing the ransom window. Needless to say, that is just a trick to prevent you from regaining access to your computer and reviewing the encrypted files. The thing is that your files are not actually encrypted, and, of course, the creator of Mancros Ransomware does not want you discovering that. All in all, it is clear that this bogus ransomware is not a serious threat, and so you do not need to pay any attention to the information that is represented by it.

Postponing the removal of Mancros Ransomware is a bad idea, and we suggest getting rid of this threat as soon as possible. Once you unlock your screen, you have to terminate a malicious process, and then you need to remove the {unknown name}.exe file representing the launcher. The name and location of this file are random, and so we cannot tell you where to find it. If you are unable to do that manually, scanning your operating system might be the right move. Of course, we recommend installing anti-malware software, and not just because it can remove Mancros Ransomware automatically. The most important reason for installing such software is to ensure full-time protection against malicious threats. If you do not take care of that, much more serious infections could invade your operating system soon.

How to delete Mancrosai4939 Ransomware

  1. Tap Alt+Tab and select the Desktop.
  2. Launch Task Manager (tap Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and move to Processes.
  3. Select Mancros+AI4939 and click End task/End process.
  4. Find the {unknown name}.exe file, right-click it, and choose Delete.
  5. Empty Recycle Bin to eliminate the infection completely.
  6. Scan your operating system using a legitimate malware scanner to check for leftovers.
Download Remover for Mancros Ransomware *
*SpyHunter scanner, published on this site, is intended to be used only as a detection tool. To use the removal functionality, you will need to purchase the full version of SpyHunter.

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Mancros Ransomware


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