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In this report we will be discussing a potentially unwanted program targeted at Mac computer users; it is known as Mac Ads Cleaner. The application’s description claims it can provide a lot of benefits, for example, it is said the software can boost the computer’s performance. Unfortunately, our specialists highly doubt the tool would be as useful as its description says. The worst part is users do not even have the opportunity to learn whether Mac Ads Cleaner is as good as its creators claim. That is because the application does not seem to offer any free trials and the free version only detects issues but does not allow to fix or delete them. For the user to be able to use this feature, he might be asked to buy a full version. Of course, given it is somewhat pricey, we would advise you not to take any chances with this potentially unwanted program. However, if you need more information before deciding whether to trust it or remove it, you could take a look at our full article.

There are a lot of ways the potentially unwanted program might be distributed, but our specialists say it is most likely to be spread through bundled installers. For instance, Mac Ads Cleaner could be bundled with adware, other potentially unwanted programs, and so on. In case the application is traveling with other unreliable tools we would not be surprised if users could find it on untrustworthy file-sharing web pages. If this is how you got this doubtful software, it would be wise to learn from this experience and avoid visiting the webpages in which you encountered it. Besides, we recommend paying more attention to the installation process, because in some cases bundled programs can be avoided if the user chooses custom installation settings and unchecks suggested tools after carefully reading the information on the installation wizard.

What may raise suspicion about Mac Ads Cleaner is it could start showing various detections and issues on the computer it settles in shortly afterward. The application might claim it detected adware and other threats alike or it may try to convince the user his browsing could be unsafe and that he should clean his browsing applications as soon as possible. Nevertheless, if the user tries to fix the identified issues with Mac Ads Cleaner, the potentially unwanted program might start asking to buy the full version. It means the tool is more or less useless if you do not pay for it and even then there are no reassurances it will be able to do all the things its description promises (speed up the computer, clean the system from threats, and guard the user’s privacy).

Under such circumstances, our specialists do not advise investing in such a doubtful tool, especially when it is quite expensive; at the moment of writing the application cost almost $50. Clearly, for such a price, users could acquire tools that were created by reputable developers and could be trusted. As for the free version of Mac Ads Cleaner, we believe it would be best to erase it given it is a potentially unwanted program. Not to mention, after some time it might become extremely annoying as the tool might keep suggesting you buy the full version to remove its detected issues.

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