Lock2017 Ransomware Removal Guide

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Lock2017 Ransomware can quickly encrypt your data with a strong encryption algorithm, so by the time you realize the computer was infected the damage might be already done. Afterward, the threat’s creators should try to contact the user by placing a text document with a particular message. It may assure you that the decryptor exists, but it is put on a secret server. Obviously, the only ones who could get it are the people who distribute this malware. Sadly, they offer to do so not for free since you might be asked to pay a ransom. At this point, we have to warn you that due to some technical issues, which we will explain later in the article, it might become impossible to get the decryptor whether you make the payment or not. Therefore, if you consider such option at all, you should do so very carefully. However, if you already decided to remove Lock2017 Ransomware, we can offer the deletion steps placed at the end of the article.

Currently, there is still not much information about Lock2017 Ransomware. Our researchers cannot be one hundred percent sure, but based on the behavior of other similar threats, they think the malware could travel with malicious software installers or suspicious email attachments. As a result, we believe the infection should work from the location where its launcher was downloaded. In other words, it might not place any other files besides the text document with the message from the ones who distribute this malicious program. With the help of this message, these hackers might demand you to pay a ransom. In exchange, they may promise to deliver a decryptor that could unlock all encrypted files on the computer. As much as you want your data to be usable again, we urge you to consider other outcomes too if you are willing to pay the ransom.

The message should claim the decryptor is held on a secret server. Sadly, the connection to this so-called secret server might be not so stable, or it could be lost, so it may become impossible to connect to it. In other words, even if the malware’s creators would want to send you the decryptor there is a chance they might be simply unable to do so. Thus, it is safe to say that transferring the money could be hazardous. If you do not think you can take any risks, you should refuse Lock2017 Ransomware’s creators. Hopefully, not everyone has to consider such an option, as some of you might be prepared for this kind of situations. If you backed up files before the infection appeared and now have copies you could use, there is nothing to worry about expect the malicious program, since it might be safer to get rid of the threat before placing the copies.

There are two ways to eliminate Lock2017 Ransomware. The first one is using a reliable antimalware tool. This option is recommended for users who have not much experience, as the tool provides automatic features that can help delete the malicious application with no effort. The best part is that at the same time you could remove not only this infection but also any other threats that may have accumulated over time. Another way to deal with the malware is to erase data belonging to it manually. This option might be more complicated as such data could have random names, and we cannot tell its exact location. Nevertheless, if you think you can handle it, we offer the instructions placed below this paragraph.

Eliminate Lock2017 Ransomware

  1. Launch the Explorer (Win+E).
  2. Check the listed locations: %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE%\desktop, %USERPROFILE%\downloads
  3. Search for a suspicious file that could be the malware’s launcher.
  4. Select the suspected file and tap Shift+Delete.
  5. Mark the malicious program’s created text document and click Shift+Delete too.
  6. Close the File Explorer and restart the computer.
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