Live Security Suite Removal Guide

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Internet Antivirus Pro, Live Enterprise Suite and other rogues have a replacement named as Live Security Suite. The rogue is a means of tricking people into paying money for a nonexistent program. Do not be fooled by the cyber criminals and do not pay money for it because the investment in the fake security software is worthless.

The information given by Live Security Suite is worthless as it is a lie. The fake alert messages and pop-ups in the task bar are simulated to deceive the gullible users about the system’s security. Everything begins when a hapless user lets a fake online scan run in the system. Thus, the rogue gets into the computer and sets its rule regarding some Windows functions. It starts running when Windows is logged onto. Moreover, it might block the access to some websites or redirect the Windows user to suspicious websites. All in all, the user is threatened with fraudulent messages that his/her data is at risk and he/she decides to purchase the fake application which will supposedly sort everything out. This very last step to buy the fake security tool should neither be taken nor should it be considered at all. Remove Live Security Suite after it is spotted on the computer and do not waste anytime in doing so.

Please be aware that manual removal of the rogue might be harmful to the system if performed ineffectively. Serious damage might be caused if the changes in the registry are made where they should not be done. More importantly, there should not be any components of the rogue left on the computer. Therefore, we suggest you try genuine software for automatic removal of Live Security Suite.

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