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Laziok is a Trojan, which has been crafted by cyber crooks to steal data from the infected operating system. It goes without saying that Laziok is an extremely dangerous piece of malware, which should be removed as soon as it is discovered running on your PC. Although this Trojan is known to infect computers of various companies more than ones belonging to single individuals, reports show that individual PC's are infected more often that you might think. We have analyzed this Trojan and provide all our finding within this article; read and find out how Laziok functions and why its removal is of paramount importance.

Once Laziok enters your operating system it will instantly start collecting various information about your PC. It will collect information such as your PC’s RAM size, Hard disk size, Operating System, CPU, GPU, antimalware application, etc. During the research, it has been discovered that Laziok mostly attacks computers associated with the oil and gas industry, as it is the primary information that this Trojan was designed to steal.

After gathering information about your PC, it will start searching for information associated with the mentioned topics, if no information regarding gas and oil industry is found, in most cases Laziok stops functioning. In cases that data of interest is found on the PC, Laziok will trigger an installation of additional malware applications such as Zbot and Cyberrat. Even if your PC does not have any information that could interest Laziok having a Trojan on your PC, whether it is active or not, is a major virtual threat as it is a serious security breach, which could be used by other Internet-based infections. Removal of Laziok is of utmost importance if you are a security conscious user.

During the research, it has been also discovered that in most cases Laziok is distributed via spam emails, which usually come from In most cases, the malicious attachment is implemented with the Microsoft Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control Remote Execution Vulnerability exploit, meaning that just opening such a file is more than enough to get your PC infected with Laziok. In order to avoid getting your PC infected in this way, implement a professional antimalware tool, which would warn you about any potentially malicious attachments in advances.

Even though Laziok has been circulating the web since January 2015, no simple removal procedure has been developed. In most cases, the removal of a Trojan is too complicated for any user who does not have advanced knowledge about malware and its removal techniques. That is why we strongly recommend using a reliable antimalware tool for all removal procedures concerning the Laziok Trojan. It is your best bet to delete every bit of it in no time.

How to remove Laziok from your PC

Remove Laziok from your computer

  1. Launch your web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Download and install the antimalware tool.
  4. Run a system scan.
  5. Apply fixes that the antimalware tool recommends.
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